Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Snickers Anyone??

Snickers-On-The-Run came or should i say passed by our college today and started to hand us a lot of Snickers for FREE!! Yea~ You heard me right!! FOA(Free Of Charge)
But it did not helped in my new resolution weh!!=.=
Second day only then temptation attack already!! Lolx!!
They come in real cute transportation! Although it is a Viva pulling some kinda of On-the-Run billboard but this is my first time seeing them. It is all so new to me! I was like so friggin exited and start camwhoring their car like nobody's business!!

Isn't that cute and so mala-creative!!!

"Hungry? Grab a snickers!!"

"Come get me!!"

And this is my share of cookies. Ate one, and i did not see that i got two more in my bag. So total i got 6!! woot~ That cause around RM12++ leh~Shiok~
Before that in college, seriously got a lot of time lo~
Loiter here and there and then ended up sitting at the canteen 2 and so was reminded of the days when i was in National Service.There, in front of me was this exhibition of Askar Wataniah.

Woot~too far away already!! I actually want to get a picture of M16 but there is this bunch of guys that have not seen M16 in real before and stood there for almost half an hour and block me from camwhoring M16!! Urrgghh~~ Missed that opportunity! Damn it you guys!

See the creativeness of TARC-ians!! This is what they usually do during lecture classes! Violating the public tables and chairs and pouring out their talent.Hm~

Urrgghh~~ Tomorrow got test!!

I am affected weh!! My mum treats me like a flexible income receivers and my cost of living adjustments increases as the CPI increases. What the heck!!@@

30 minutes later...

woot~~ covered!! and now pray freaking hard that it is going to be easy!!Hohoho~


tomatocruiser said...

omg free snickers?! so freaking lucky~

we have people use that type of advertisement as well in new zealand eh, but instead of a car, its pulled by a vespa, making it a gazzilion times more eye catching.

Victoria said...

to umanamadana:
thx fer dropping by!! link me yea~cx ivf link you!!heck~ur area is way better and advance!!huhuhu~~i bet vespa will be a whole lot nicer and chioer!!

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