Friday, November 28, 2008

Was A Pig...

i did a lot of stuffs today! at last, my Fridays will not be as boring as it was before.
mum will take Friday holidays starting from now till don't know when because she will be having Japanese classes on Saturday. so Saturday's spring cleaning is now called Friday spring cleaning! lolx!
went to the market and kept thinking that today is Saturday and i annoyed her by asking why isn't that or this stall open today?got any big chinese events that i did not know?bla bla bla...
and if i am not mistaken, she had answered my question around 5 times before getting really really annoyed and start scolding me for being dumb and annoying! lolx! see...morning blues~ and i got all the blues.

for this past whole week, all i remembered doing is RUSHING.
nothing was and is this clear in my mind except for the scene of me rushing to college, rushing between classes, rushing to do my pending homework, rushing to master accounting, rushing for busses and hell, it has been raining this whole week!! damn!
The words seem more like an indian character now! lolx!
that i was so tired today. i slept a bit early the night before thinking that prolly an early 30 minutes sleep will help a lot since i slept so much little for the past four days and was so drained.
heck, i woke up to this humming sound in my head this morning. mum called me up when usually i could wake up by myself. seems that the clock rang twice, and i was still in bed. i did not hear that though.
was a bit dizzy so proceeded to the market. after done marketing, came back and plop myself on the bed and fell asleep.
was kinda half asleep and half awake that kinda scenario because i could hear my mum scolding me again for going back to sleep when it was already 9 in the morning.
i did not care and continue what i do best. SLEEPING.
then she woke me up again and go buy groceries again!! i was like.. "you don't even cook that much so why buy so much??!"
bla bla..then came back. unload stuffs and i went out.
black out. just like that.
and i hit my head i think because my head is still in pain ! hish~
my mum said i woke up and went to bed to rest. rest a.k.a sleep in my "dictionary".
so i slept like a pig.
from 1030a.m to 3 p.m.
yeah!! without waking up even once.
and i had dreams!! damn~ i dreamt about people that i hate and people that i dislike!
i dreamt about "ninja"!! damn!!!
to those that know who is ninja, so yerr la that i dream about "ninja".

i dreamt that "ninja" came to my house and waited for me outside.
i was out to don't know where la then when i came home, i dreamt that my grandma was still alive and her voice of telling me that someone came to find you was so vivid and so real!!
i bloody love my grandma and i bloody hate "ninja". so what does this dream means? why does it have to consist people that i love most and people that i hate most!!!?!!
god!! i am never going to sleep in the morning or take afternoon nap anymore!!
it has been so long since i have dreams during my sleeps, not even during the night time. prolly i was so tired and wore out that when i plop down, i sleep like
katak mati.

haix~ i miss you grandma~
we are having Christmas tree in our house this year.
sorry that this tree was actually promised to you but we did not have the chance to put it up with you.
so i hope that you will be by our side when we decorate this tree that belongs to ALL of us in this house.
at least make me know that you are with us when we put that tree up, any, just any signs will do.
because i miss you badly.
happy early christmas wish from me everyone!
i am a christmas freak!!^^ i love this day!


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