Sunday, November 2, 2008

Whose Footprint Is The Smallest?

I read something that is very interesting and it is all about how we impact the environment.

What The Heck Is Carbon Footprint??
- a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produce, measured in unit carbon dioxide.
*the rest are so sciency so don't care la*
It actually explain the phenomena of how the earth warms up and all the heat emission thing and how the earth absorbs it and makes it stay in the atmosphere, which causes super hot-ness...
All those la~ common knowledge..

So What If It's A Few Degrees Hotter?? Big Deal~
The experts predict that rising global temperature will cause sea level to rise and increase the intensity of extreme weather events. Then this creates changes in agricultural yields, water supplies, species extinction, and increases the ranges of disease.

In another perception, if human kind does not get wipe out, we will still starve to death.

So What Is Malaysia's Footprint Like?
To cut the story short, Malaysians are using up natural resources twice as fast as the planet can generate them.
So... Care for the environment people.

Wah.. They even have this website that you
can go and take their test to know what kind of a footprint that you are contributing to the environment.
I took the test and i think i fair quite badly~ Huhuhu~~

They say:
If everyone on the planet live my lifestyle, we would need
1.64 earths.
Then they show the picture there is one earth + another half of the earth! Woot~~ I am such a fuel spender!!!
You all should try the test. Here are some guidelines. Huahahhaa~Because i kinda got lost when i was at their web.=.=

After you all click on the link above, you will come to a page like this...

Then click on the "website" tab. Don't click on the "carbon footprint" tab.
Then you will come to a page that is fully green and then click on the " Take the quiz" tab and you will end up here.

Then you can start answering those question.

Here only they will start to ask you questions about how you live through your daily lifes and answer with a lot of consideration because it will turn out wrong as they have averagely tick the answer for you when you had chose the place where you are living in.
This is a piece of article which really caught my attention and i don't mind spending one hour reading and meditating on it and also to think through the ways to safe the environment. We all are living in it so it will be so right that we take care of it and so it will also benefits us..


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