Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shopping Spree!!

For the past two days, all i did was shopping!^^
Dressed up as early as 9++a.m, fussing over what to wear, which bag to use, what shoe to wear, deciding how much money to bring for fear that will over spend, timed the exact timing so that i won't waste my time waiting for the public transport, but at last ended up always waiting for almost half an hour for the 65 bus to bring me to town. So no time management la~ I meant the bus.. They would sometimes makes us wait 10 minutes, sometimes 30minutes and if you are "lucky"...ONE HOUR!! Haiz~

Went out at 10.30a.m and waited for 10 minutes for the bus.
While waiting,some chinese business working uncle was really yapping away in his phone talking about business stuffs and from what i heard he should be in those marketing and shipping business.
Later, when he had done talking, he came over and asked me where i am heading and at that moment i really was like "What the heck is it with this old man?? I can be your bloody grandchild la and i am not interested too."*in my mind la*. Then suddenly he held out his name card and he actually offered me a job at his office weh~
At that moment.. 2 thoughts were running in my mind..
1)Do i look that old???*what the heck*
2)Do i look like i am an unemployed-seeking-job-freak??!!*
lagi what the heck*
Thus, i decline the old man politely and said that i am going out for distress and am actually studying at TARC majoring e-commerce and marketing. So he was like wow~ I was like hm~~=p
5 minutes later, the 65 bus finally arrived. Quickly board it to get away from the old guy because he kept smiling at me!!
Took me 30 minutes to reach Times Square.
We just walk around and was bloody laughing at those handsome white people!! Lolz!!
Went to Gasoline for lunch and my poor friend waited for one hour for her food and we was speculate that they over look our menu and forgot her part...=.=
And bloody~ This time we were annoyed by their
semangat-ness at saying BYE BYE at the customer!!! Shit!! Bloody annoying la~~ Like practically singing the word BYE BYE~*not Mariah's style ok~*
Then they went back so early and was left alone to wait for my mum.

Woke up early lo today because mum wants to go to the EPF department to get a cheque and so we alang alang at Damansara, we went to One Utama.
I don't know is it because that i have not been there for too long or that my standard has drop*doubt that happen la*, i don't find anything interesting there anymore..Nothing is worth for me to see so let alone buy~
We practically walk all over One Utama in merely one hour and we sapu finish the whole mall.
Then darn tired lo, partly because nothing to see but still it is a big mall, very dehydrated due to the weather, kind of piss by my brother who seem to act rich to go there!! Waste my time!!
After 2 hours doing nothing there except for stopping by at almost every store to have a drink and then chiow.
Thought of going to Mid Valley*should have been there at the first place* but after seeing the outside world of the mall, decided to go back. And we did make a good choice la because it got more and more hot but i had a good nap!! Lolz!!

Later,woke up with gastrik!! What the~ and just realised that i have not eaten anything since morning.Sweat=.=

Monday, September 29, 2008

Yet Another

Today is yet another shopping day for me! Yeah but boo also la because i need to spend money again!! Oh My God!! I am now really really broke lo~ I will need to buy a new handphone some more! Haiz~ But shopping is a hobby~ A real expensive hobby!! Lolz!!

Yesterday i saw a few old lady and they remind me of my grandma...
Saw one that has a bended leg and does not walk easily...like my grandma who has bone problems due to lack of milk consumption.
Saw another that no longer has any black hair on her head...like my grandma who aged very quickly when she was still alive during her days washing kidney. Then,she was so lethargic and she really suddenly look so old and she can't do anything that she love doing.
Saw another that has a backbone problem in church...reminds me of my grandma that slip herself in the toilet and hurt her own back and i helped her to rub her back for almost one month,only then it heal..

Haiz~ I miss her a lot lo~
Kind of regret also la because did not cherish her like diamond when she was alive.

This year would be her 2 year anniversary of RIP.
Sad lo but what to do~ The Lord love her more than we do than to let her suffer on this temporary home,the Lord decided to take her back to her eternal home where she can enjoy life after striving for so long.
All i can do is to thank God that she is a Christian and a faithful one too~
Seriously~ She will pray for almost one hour every morning,sitting at the foot of her bed,on the cold morning floor. I have never see some one so committed like my grannie and i can say that i am proud of her.
Eventhough she have problems with her bended legs,she still make a point that she must attend her prayer meeting every Thursday night till...*sob*till she was diagnosed with a kidney failure and need to undergo dialysis till the day she die.
Oh~ She did die because of that i think~
She just can't take it anymore la~ It was really really suffering to dialysis.

Just imagine...
If she don't have high blood pressure..she would not need to consume so much medicine...not consuming so much medicine will not result in kidney failure...
If..If and only if she does not consume so many medicine~
She would still be alive here with us~
She was a strong woman who looks like she does not have any sickness till~~ she goes for dialysis.
*we will always remember you and i hope to see you again when my day finally come*
Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Heard Something

Wee~~ I heard something great at church today!! Lolz! And it instantly rewind me to the fact that Malaysians will always be Malaysians no matter they are black, white, yellow, or red~
Malaysians are very well known for their crazy-ness and their ability to copy what others does and make it a great new one too~ Lolz!!
As for today, I heard the Metro Tabernacle version of Mariah Carey's "Bye Bye".
And they named it Marilah Carry "Buy Buy".Lolz!!
So creative lo~
It is actually created because our church is having 4 weeks of bazaar to raise fund for our newly built church and they created that song just for fun and to promote the bazaar!
So chio and creative right!!!!^^
Me, as a member of the church will also forever remember this song and thus remember the last week of the bazaar which is next week. Creative enough right!!
I had a great laugh today la and was shock that they did not audition Mariah Kuan *a.k.a Kelvin Kuan* for that part!! Lolz!!
You should have took the part dude!!^^

I love my church!!!
Brilliant people with great,creative ideas~ All compiled in the great House of God!!
Saturday, September 27, 2008


3.22p.m Saturday,27th September 2008

I am now sitting at my living room and suddenly had this urge to blog! Lolz!!
I am such a blog-a-holic!!
But~ As usual,in the afternoon, Internet will be taken over by my brother and I will only get to use it around 9p.m. Wah!! He use for so long lo~ Some more they have the guts to say that I use the most and waste the most electricity!! Ish!

Come on la~ I only get to use it at night and usually by night, I’l be so beat up that I will only have the strength for 2 – 3 hours of online. And they say I waste electricity by staying up so late at night. Huh?? Mana keadilan??

The television now is on and I got my book beside me but I have neither interest in both.
Hm~ Kind of bored and I remember him and miss talking to him. Wonder~ what is he up to now?? But I bet that he is not even awake la~ Haiz~
Today so tired lo~ Hm~
Bored Saturday~
Mum sleeping like a pig at the couch, her nap, but nap for 2 hours lo~ So that is not call nap ok~ That is sleep. But every time also deny and said that that is nap! Ish!

Going to go shopping again next Monday!!!
I want to go and get my sweater!! Mum said that it is worth it and since I really really need that sweater, she gave me money to get it!! Lolz!! So happy lo~ I get that without using my money leh!
Another thing is….Mum has agreed and let me purchase another phone and also allowed me to use to line at the same time!! Hohoho~
I like being all grown up!! Wee~
I love this feeling of freedom and that I can decide for my own but~*chuckles*I tend to have this practice to ask my mum first before I decide on anything .
Eventhough sometimes my mum would scold me and encourage me to decide for my own..but..it has become a habit I guess~
I really don’t know what will I do if it was not for my mum~*oh~~*
Laugh out real loud~
Friday, September 26, 2008


I was like a worm today!! Lolz!!
I laze around the whole house the whole day!!
So got nothing to do lo~ Haiz~
Watched a few movies in the morning then the internet line kena rampas by my brother so i was bored to dead without the world of Internet!! Lolz!!

Resulted myself in reading my books, My "MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER" book~ I am really enjoying that book now and found that they used really really good lingo and their grammar is perfect!! Wee~~
Will do a summary of it when i am done so wait for it yea~ But i recommend this book to the whole world!! Lolz!!

There~ That is the book!!
Even the cover is so dramaticaly saddening hor~
It is VERY VERY actually!!
Go rage your book store for this!! Lolz!!
Thursday, September 25, 2008

Many many things!

So many many exited,thrilling yet shock things happened to me today!! I am now so overwhelmed that i don't know where to start!! Yish~~ Exited-ness~^^

First of all,today was a planned day to go out shopping and for some "hardcore" singing *actually is karaoke only la hor~* and all agreed to like reach there *supposingly* at 10.30 la hor~ But then again~ Me who is the culprit that i say i want to be there early, slept till 9.30a.m only wake up!! Lolz!! I was shock to the roof top when i saw the time!! Rushed like a mad woman downstairs and took my shower,dressed up and all of that in mere 20 minutes.Still have time to do manicure some more lo! So chio right!! Lolz! And that only took me like 10 minutes!! Then rushed out to the bus stop and that time was 10.10a.m and i thought that the 10.00a.m bus passed already so was kind of disappointed la~ Then realised that there are quite a few of people at the bustop so decided to ask a girl and was told that there was no bus for the past 30 minutes!! I was so shiok weh!! *so bad right!!* And i kind of thank God that i live behind a bustop la~^^ In a way i don't need to rush out and walk far just to reach a bustop and then need to wait like stupid again!

Sat at the bustop after realising that it was too dusty to stand in front of my house due to the renovation beside. After 5 minutes,someone knocked on my head *i was messaging so did not realise* and i lifted up my head intended to scold that person and saw a lady in white in front of me and that is Suzanne!! My BFF when i was working lo! My God!! I am so thrilled to see her lo and wants to chat with her like how we did when we was working at the same place... Butt~~ Sadly~ It turns out that we were silent all the way to Times Square!! Haiz~ Is it me or is it just her or is it that both if us is tired or is it that time has changed our mind and thinking and that we are apat for quite long that we don't know what to say or ask???
*got so many is it weh~~*
After 30 minute of silence in the bus,finally reached my destination and was kind of relieve to be away from her again because her silence is really killing me this talkative birdy...or ducky xp
Met up with my planned friends and went and booked ourselves a place at Neway. Time to enter is 1p.m and we make the reservation at 11a.m so still got 2 hours before that and~~ SHOPPING la~~ Whatelse!! Lolz!!
*for the next 2 hours*
We like so totally round the whole Times Square shopping complex lor~ In 2 hours weh~ That is like maladilicioussly quick!!!
Me ended up buying a new blouse,a tube top,a belt... Spotted a chio sweater*5th floor* but did not buy it because i did not bring enough of money *supposingly* la~ But then~ I will definitely go back there to purchase it because college is so darn cold!!
Later on,round the place like so many times weh~
Saw some potential nail art school that i am kind of interested in to be enroll in to after my Advance Diploma.
Went and bought some marshmellows and realised that Kit Mun has the same interest with me and that is MARSHMELLOWS!! Lolz!!

*2 hours later~*
Was waiting outside the karaoke for the time to be exactly 1.
While at that~saw a group of orang,i suppose is humans la~ 2 original guys and one not originaly guy!!
My god!! Obviously that is a tomboy la or worst case,a lesbian~
The "obsenity" of them is the way they walk~ I know la that you all are bloody good at dancing,popping,pumping and all those hip hop shits la~ But then~ you don't have to disgrace yourselves by popping right in front of the Neway and in front of us and not forgetting the elderly ones~ They will definitely not be impress because they don't know what the heck is that and they might just think that you are out of your mind and definitely me will think that you are a show off and a disgust!!
Oh!~ I forgot!! One of the real dude make a really blur bodohjatuh maruah face *he is already a disgust*!!! My god!! Kids this days~~ They just seem to love jatuh-ing their maruah. I don't know why but my dignity is real good and still high up here in my pretty lil' God gifted face!! Muahahahahah!! Muahahax!!

Sang like real a lot of songs~ Camwhored a lot too~~

My poyo idea and we look like distracted and flash queen!! Lol

Wah!! This is so much better!! We look so sweet and demure la Jan~^^

I like this!! Lolz!! So served my given name!! DUCKY!! Lolz!!

Our karaoke queen!! So shiok hor~~
*cheated me to the most expensive karaoke place that i usually don't bother to know*

This is so tak jadi but still i want to post something ugly about myself!! Lolz!!
Ok~Uploaded pictures~Not all but yea~ Got ugly and sweet ones la so enough la~~ Lol
Took the straight-away-back-to-house bus.
Never knew that it would wait for 30 minutes or more at one of it's station and it was peak hours la so it took me 1 and the half hour to reach home!!
Meanwhile~ Met my college friend while i am messaging again and yea~~ He KNOCKED on my head too while i did not realise it! I never knew that would meet him there la~ So~ we caught up abit la since now having break so 2 weeks apart la~

Hm~ truly a lot of things happened to me today~ Hm~ So tired of blogging la~ Bye~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life Today.

Woke up at 7a.m to helped opened door for those who goes to work and for those who does to school.
Went and sit at the couch and 5 minutes later,slipped on to the couch and slept! *dasar pig* =p
Woke up *again* at 8.30a.m and blurred for awhile and went and brushed me teeth.
Then straight away online till don't know what time.
*while online~~*
Checked my mail
Blogged *woo~i blog a lot this days because i am so dang free*
Read blogs
Watched tons of movies,before that cari-ed a lot of movies but not interested.=p
Then redo everything because too bored.
Later chat with Janice about SOMETHING!! xp

At around 12.30p.m~
Still in front of Picolove but grew tired of it because no one online...=.=
Later on,envied those that have college,those that are blonde,those that are thin,those that gains fame easily,VJs,famous designers...Woo~ A lot la because i was serving those websites and ended up day dreaming that one day i want to be all and then a song came to mind! Yeah~ Pussycat Dolls's "WHEN I GROW UP".Wew~ i so want to get my hands on "DOLL DOMINATIONS"! xp


All Alone

It is now 10:11 a.m in Malaysia,Wednesday,September 24th.
All alone in the house because having semester break now. Got no where to go so stayed at house to rot!! Lolz! Or like they said~"Make cobwebs!" Lolz!
Too bored of Facebook-ing alone,Friendster-ing alone,surfing the web alone,looking at the Msn box with no one to chat with... My god!! I am so freaking BORED!!!!
And thatz why i am here~Blogging!
Nothing to blog actually but wants to share some funny pictures that i received in mail 5 minutes ago~
*my God!!took so long to upload lo*

How "harsh" can that "hash" brown be!!=p

says screwdriver: "oo~~i am so "insulted" instead of "insulated"."Lol

Lolz!! Darn it!!

Lolz!! Although this sounds dirty due to the word lounge! They actually meant rest room!! Lolz!! Lounge!!

I don't really know what this means actually but it is kind of funny with that "horniness essence"Lolz!! What'z that suppose to mean la,China people!!!


LMAO!!! It actually says "Don't feed the fishes with your private!!" What the!! Lolx!!xp

Lolz!! This first time i see this i am reminded of those blind dates that we usually see on tv!! Lol

This is the last one that is the most funny one la!! And i totally agree weh~since this is a sign we will see in the library or classroom~~Lolz!! You all students got what i meant right??!! We actually "die" in either classroom or library!! Lolz!!

All this signs can only be found in China! Lolz! But~~ I won't be suprised to see that here in Malaysia too~ On the count that some Malaysians..I said some..xp had "excelent" command of English!!
*i am laughing my ass off!! can i feed it to those fishes who eats privates!! Lolz*
Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I feel that i am spooked or this house! Lolz!!

Last night,as usual i do go online till the wee hours and suddenly while i was on my way to offline and was clearing things, i have this sudden feeling that i am being watched!! Urggh~Then suddenly i heard sounds of mice...Like cit..citt..~~ You all do know how mice sounds right at their absolute high pitch that we would be scare too in bright day light... Imagine la~i heard it at night!! My God!! I was so freaked out weh!!

Later on i went upstairs and then again i have that naggy feeling that i am being watched again!! My God!! Is this what they call spritual attack??!
Or i am plain stressed out and am imagining things myself? I do imagine stuffs when i am stress and i am kind of born with that syndrome la~Ish~ Of all people to have that syndrome!! Hishs~~
Then when i am in bed,feels like "things" creeping up beside me like as in Exorcists!! My freaking God!!!
Pray lots for me yea!!! I am never ever so afraid like now weh~ Imagine la~ Till i sleep early now and don't dare to stay up late already!! Urggghh!!!

Anyhow anywho~~Pray for me!! I am going to off now!! Bye!!
*Dear god,please give me good rest tonight and protect me from any hindrances!!*

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Am Not a Fan.

Luckily i am so not a fan of milk! Ok~ It is not that i am not a fan or i think milk is yucky,it is just that my body can't stand dairy products. Used to have soya bean milk when i was an infant so yea~i can't really consume dairy products,which means anything from cow or sheeps.

Nevertheless~for the past 1 week i have gained interest in knowing about milk due to the rising problem of milk scandal in China. Although i am not really sure how they process the milk,produce i surely know la,because that is the cow's role la~ But i am dang sure that they shouldn't be any Melamine which is an industrial chemical used to produce PLASTIC!! Oh my gosh! How evil weh~ Nearly 53,000 children were ill,4 dead,13,000 remained in hospital and 104 of them are still i a very serious condition!! What were they really thinking?!

Due to reports,the purpose of this ill-minded people who used Melamine in the production of infant's milk is to increase the creamy-ness of the milk and obviously to save production cost! My god! How much can you really save with those production cost and i don't think that Melamine is that cheap too if it was used in such a big production. They might have been caught red-handed this time but please see the long-run before doing anything, In the long-run,you all have really drained yourselves down the longkang,shamed the name of the company and no one would ever be really sure to purchase your goods now! There is no way to success if you were to use the easy road,ok~

Those that i pity most are those innocent babies... Not only they are poisoned and 4 died,but what about those that had kidney failure for life now.. Those that have stones in their kidney now... They will need to bear with all this sickness for the rest of their lifes now and isn't that as good as dead?? If i were them and able to speak,i would beg my parents to give me "THE" injection. They are plain innocent ok!!

Ok~since i can't google any pictures of those innocent yet sick babies~ You all should go read up news papers and i bet there are plenty of those pictures! My heart cried out for them when i see those babies suffering faces!

I Know You??

Do i even know you anymore?? Wew~I don't know and i don't think so~ We both have really grown up and out of each other.. Sad to say but i kind of missed those time that we had together when we were young and you used to make me your idol and you go by my words...

I can still clearly remember when..
.. We used to fight with each other over a soft toy,of who to get it and of who to owned it.
.. I spend all my day looking out for you while you continue sleeping soundly in your manger.
.. Both of us got so exited when we are presented with the same gift and we used to share it.
.. You scream your lungs out calling for me when u saw a big ugly bug.
.. We always spend time together playing masquerade-imagination party.
.. You cried,when you down or you don't get things you want.
.. You always tend to find fault with me and got me in to trouble and you ended up laughing gleefully over my sadness.
.. We go for holidays,you will always hung on to me because i am more brave and more out going.
.. We screamed our lungs out together when we were put on the train ride and we are under the tunnel and it suddenly stop!! Oh that was good times with you!!
.. We stuck up for each other when we are canned.
.. You went to your first day in to my primary school i was so thrilled that i have some one to look after.

I can really remember a lot of things that we usually do together gether when we were younger..
We are often known as twins although we are not,we look alike,sound alike and act alike..

I really missed those days that when you are being bullied,i will always be there and had always stuck up for you! Even though i got spank for that later on but still,that is a satisfaction that i still am able to be there for you. You have always been known as the soft side of me and i am always the tough side of you. What ever happened to that?? What ever happened to that relationship that we owned and managed together since young?? I really don't know you anymore and that really breaks my heart. I am no longer your best listener,your idol... I am now some one that just exist in your life that you did not ask for and so you have been to me.

We barely talk now. Barely look at each other. Barely even laugh and scream out loud anymore.
Separately we walk,you on the left and me on the right.
Too ashamed to acknowledge each other's presence to our friends when what we did during young was that we screamed each other name and spell it out loud in to our friends faces!! Lolz~owh~i really do missed that part and you should see their faces.
Oh well~you have move on and so have i.
In matter of years you will be a total stranger to me even though we bump in to each other every single day,hour,minute and second!!

I wonder~~Would you still even remember me if i were to study abroad and come back after that?
Any how any who~I miss you, my _ _ _ _ _ _ R.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Miss You~

Wew~I never thought that i would say things like that but yeah..I miss College,I miss Courseworks,I miss small Test,I miss the feeling of being afraid and scare while waiting those papers to be handed back to us..Most of all i miss my friends and not forgetting the freedom to go out to take those public transport!! I am so not a home person ok!~

On top of that,i miss my secondary school life! Lolz! That is such an irony! I hate or i might say that we usually hate things that we are at at the moment but then we tend to miss it when we are so over it...I know i am so right about that and those that disagree are so fake!!Lol~!
I only dislike to the fact that i have to wear uniform to school while secondary learning and i love freedom and the freedom of fashion is what i really really care about and yeah...i very kia si one...I don't like people talking around my back and poking it without me knowing it. I am the face-to-face kind of person. So who ever dislike my style,bring it face-to-face with me and don't play poke poke,too old for that la yea~^^*winks innocently*

Woah~I really want something to do everyday during my break la...I would go crazy if everyday is like today!! Oh Man!!!
I practically lie there on the carpet,facing the door,listening to the sound of the television yet not giving a damn about it,not strength to even move weh!!! I seriously don't know why but i think this might be a way of my body protesting and wakening me up and says "Go get a life,Gurl~". But~where do i head to get a life la~??
I was so bored today that when i reach home from church,and also out of tiredness,i slept for 4 hours straight leh~Then woke up because kena sounding and was given a long lecture about "Virtues". Sweat loh~~ My mum continue blab about what would people think if they see and know that there is such a gurl like me who sleeps in the afternoon like a log and not doing house chores??!! In my heart i was like "Wew~they will surely take me in as their daughter-in-law la,whatelse!! I am such a rare mer..they can't easily find a gurl like me for their son!!" Laugh my ass off!!!=p Of course i did not voice it out la~~I am not that dumb ok~

Hm~tomorrow no college for me lo~so it is a bored~
Feel like ajak my friends go out to yum cha but i am afraid that they have their own agendas. Besides,i have a feeling that like i am using them to fill in my free time ler since i hardly find them out let alone message when i had college!! But i did not do that on purpose lur~ I am utterly BUSY!! Go ask around lo if don't believe!!Lolz!!
I am actually so ever ready to face the second semester but at the same time i don't want it to come so soon because i want to enjoy my youthfulness~~^^
Besides,after 2 years,my besttie wouldn't want to continue any more and that means i am left all alone weh~Without anyone close la,thatz what i meant... I am such a sad case right??
Actually not every one suits me if it comes to besttie. Yeah~I am kind of picky la~ But i won't tell what i find in a good friend-relationship or else all of you will pretend one to be my BFF!! Lolz~~Just joking~Who la would want to be my BFF!? Haiz~Yet another sad case!!Lolz!

Ok la~want to go back to my movie and then go sleep!! Chiowz~ Hipe a great day for me tomorrow!!*muackz*

20th SEPTEMBER 2008

Lolz!! After the finals of my finals exam,it seems like everything that revolves around me either stopped moving or i just bloody don't care their existence! I even forgot the date of yesterday*im blogging at 21th 12.10a.m* and i need to check my laptop's calendar for that!! Major dang~!!^^

Seems like my laptop has become my best buddy. Every single day,just when i woke up,i will escort it down to the hall*where the line is* and will lay it there for around 30 minutes meanwhile i go brush my teeth and bathe and..you know what i mean~=p After fuel up my stomach,you will see me either on the floor or on the couch holding tightly to me laptop and watching all my dramas that i had wanted to watch but freaking missed it! Darn it~and that makes me like such and outdated deary~!!Lolz~

But still,i do help around the house. I went to the morning market with my mum today too ok~without fail weh i accompany her to the morning market*i actually like market~Haha~so aunty hor?*. Came back like 45++minutes and helped her unpacked and all while "hearing" my laptop calling out for me!!=p
By the time i helped her out,was tired and so went to sleep and abandoned my PicoLove~
Woke up like in the afternoon~*man~*and my PicoLove was no where to be seen and i was so fucking freak out la!! It turns out to be that my mum replaced it else where*im not an orderly person*and i could not find it and had to call her*she was not in*.Wew~I looked like a mum that has just lost her child,man~

I spend an entire day on my PicoLove today and i watch,gaming,chating,messaged,re do my "to-do-list",reorganized my calendar and lots more..Hm~Can say that PicoLove is like my PDA lo except that it is big,weighs 2++kilogram,can't fit in my pocket and needs plug everywhere*usually no battery*. But i still love you PicoLove and you are coming with me where ever i go!!Lolz!!

Ok~I so wasted my time today blasting and tiring my PicoLove instead of fulfilling my list~Hehe~
Will start tomorrow,ooppss,i meant today~Blek~
Church at 8 but wake up at 6,so i better turn in!^^ Nitez~
Friday, September 19, 2008

Victoria Free-Man~~

Lolz!! Most of you will never ever get the maning of this title! It is not that i changed my surname to Free-Man or i added a name la~Lolz!!

I am now official a free man/free person!Hohoho~Because~~My first semester's finals have finally over!!Lolz! Yea~I am having 2 weeks long and free holiday! A lot of things that i wish i can do during this 2 weeks lo~ Let me list down for ya! Hohoho*shiok sendiri~~*

Things to fulfill this semester break.
1) Sleep like a pig at home! *really need rest.*
2) Catch up on all the movies that i had missed due to busy-ness and studies. *a lot weh~*
3) Go gila gila with friends! *go anywhere and with whoever also can la!*
4) Want to go Kuala Selangor to have a taste on their seafood cuisine that is so dang cheap!
5) Want to sit back and relax and to catch up on all the story books that i bought and have not even start reading! *i'm like wasting money buying and not reading and not cheap weh~all RM60++ one ler~*
6) Want to start back my sports craze!! *i want to be fit again after all the spare tyres add-on!!* Lolz!!
7) Want to go karaoke with school mates.
8) Want to go SHOPPING!! Huhu~
9) Start studying my Macroeconomics because it seems a lot harder.*fat chance this will be fulfill!!*
10) I want to go swimming ler~~

Ok ok~ I know that that is kind of a long list and it seems impossible to fulfill any of them to the account that Victoria is such a lazy person!!Lolz~Hell yea i am la~
Nevertheless,i will try~Hm~
So now i am off to Movie World~~ Bye~~

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is It Wrong?!

It happened so sudden!! I don't even know where i had done wrong?! Can anyone please tell me??

I'm lost. So very very L.O.S.T~
Do i even know what that means? L.O.S.T brings a lot of meaning in my life~In every aspect,in every agenda,in every thing that i do or does.
L.O.S.T also causes me a lot of trouble,hurt,pain,sadness,anger,frustration,patience and also a huge sacrifice of L.O.V.E. And yet it is another big L with a big meaning!Haiz~

Is it wrong that we are destined to meet and we ended up as best friends even though we don't know that this relationship is worth it all?!

Is it wrong that as days goes by and weeks and months too,you have been very special to me and you knew me like we are best friends since young even though we have not met each other before?!

Is it wrong that i goes against some things that i think it is not favorable to me and am reluctant to do it for you?!

Is it wrong that i had begun to realize that you already have a special place in my heart and as days goes by friendship turns into love?!

Is it wrong that if i feel jealous when ever you talk about your ex?!When ever you said that "it is hard to forget as she is part of my memory."

Is it wrong that i have this feeling that i want to LOVE you and together we built another better and long lasting great memory?!

Is it a must that i am the one who always apologize and make good with you?! Can't you for once take over that role?! Do you know that it is very tired to please you?!

All i ever wanted is to know you more,to know what exactly you are thinking,what you are doing and what do you feel whenever you are spending your time with me. All i ever wanted is also to help you recover and to make your days brighter and happier without being and feeling like such a loser. All i ever wanted is a companionship that is so real until i would not believe that i own it.

All i have got to say is that i am SORRY and i hope that this would be the very very last time i am going to say SORRY to YOU... I hope you read this...



For the past 3 weeks,all i have been hearing day and night is the sound of people drilling and thumping on the walls!! All thank to my neighbor of course! She always renovate her house and you will need to expect that twice every year!! TWICE leh~So much moolah then go shift to another place la~I am sick and tired of the sounds la!!

Imagine....drilling fucking early in the morning and this will usually continue till around evening! Isn't that like sound pollution and i have the rights to sue them!! Ish~I won't la because no moo to sue people also!! Lolz!! Other than that,concrete dust are every where!! Man~Those freaking dust covers my laundry that i put out so that it will dry and no foul smell.Since it has been quite of a rainy season this month and not much of sunlight can reach my house*of course la~beside got mango tree and then now got a high building*,those poor laundry are not dry throughly and got foul smell and now plus sawdust!! Shit!! Dah la me allergy to all dusty stuffs!! My eye got more swollen by the day lo~Hish~

Why do those race of people ever care what their relative will think about them because usually before raya,we can see a lot of them will do renovations la,buy new cars that they can't really afford,open house here open house there...Don't they know that they are actually block people's road because obviously they don't fucking own that road and neither it is owned by their ancestors,ok!! Buying freaking and they cannot afford for installment car will help increase the economy but it will definitely empty your already freaking emptied pockets and definitely leaves cobwebs in your account! Please la~Don't they ever think before doing anything!! Is it really that necessary to show people that you are RICH to the fact that you aren't...Aren't you all tired of pretending to be what you aren't?? Well,i know i will be freaking tired to please people~that sometimes don't even appreciate!! Imagine that!!

Today even worse la~the drillings start as early as 8 in the morning!! Huish~so early lo and yea~~they woke me up la obviously and that's why i am so freaking fuck up now and blogging about it!!! I can't even study nicely la and constantly felt that like the house is going to collapse!! Huish~
Seriously,her house design is shitty!!! And she gave people the feeling that obviously she wanted to show off and tell the whole world that she is so blessedly RICH!! You know why!!?? Because she just did and extended an extra room at the back of her house and that lasted for half a year only and now she demolished that room and she is now renovating and sort of like pindah-ing that back room to the front and placed it on the second floor!! OMG LO~~That's why her house is so fucking odd now and my house is like so unnoticeable already now..haiz~mango tree and renovation took over!!! HAIZ~~

But still i can freaking reassured that my house is 200%++ cleaner and nicer and comfy-er and well built and homely-er than those two unconsiderate neigbor's house!! Hohoho~~Ok~~going to go out to get something for my friends birthday and please la God,help me stop those irritating sounds when i am back because i have not study ler~~
*wishes freaking hard to come back and faces peace and serenity*
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life is Actually ... Sweet~

Have you all wake up one day and said to yourself that "I'm going to make full use of my day and be happy about it at the end of the day!" and realize that in the midst of all,I'm still very lucky compared to others and be grateful for it.

I have.Still have time to go Nicchi fashion house samo!Lolz!!

Have you ever wish that when you step out of the house,someone would always be there to fetch you where ever you want to go and with no worries that you be caught in the rain or the jam.

I have! Ok~it is not that i own this but yea~my mum will!!Yea!!And she is the driver la of course!!Lolz!!

Have you ever wish that after a hard day at work and when get back,there will be a nice dinner atmosphere lay out for you and all you have to do is EAT and BATHE and SLEEP,and don't need to do cleaning.

Shy to say but yes,i have that*not in such a way*.I love this atmosphere!Hm~

Have you realize that actually time flies by and those once bad experience and pain now is all gone and now am a better person and is having fun doing what i like.

Lolz!I have!!We camwhored at Nicchi till those sales girls kept looking at us!!Lolz!!And hell we don't care!!

Don't you all wish that one day you will meet some one that loves you more than he loves himself and prepares food for you every morning!!

Of course i wish that to happen!!It is every girls dream la!!Lolz!! I want egg cut in love shape!!Lolz!! Demanding!^^

Are you all surrounded by friends that are so ever loving and care for you and will always be there for you no matter what!And be chio with you,gila with you,and just have plain fun all day long!

Well~~i SURELY have la~~i got lots!!Lolz!!But since no pictures so yea~~You all will always be in my heart!!

Wee~~in a blink of an eye,my first semester ahve come and flew by just like that!!No doubt that i manage to mix around and knew a great bunch of friends and never the less those that aren't so great and are selfish,but yett~~you are still in my friends list la~Lolz!!Wee~~I am so generous!!Lolz!!
Also in the blink of an eye,my first semester exam is going to be over after this coming Friday's paper which is Microeconomics and is one of my favorite subject so i hope i can at least B this la~Pleasse la~Lolz~Beacuse i already fail one and that will surely need to re sit and if i don't get re sit then it is really God's grace that touch that examiner's heart to pass me!! I REALLY REALLY hope that will happen lo~Haiz~~FAT CHANCE ~
Going to have semester breaks too after that and now im torn between staying at home and grow fat or i got to tomorrow's training so that i can work during my semester break!Urrgghh~~Butt~~tomorrow is like so last minute lo~You all know what~i just got that news now leh~while i am blogging and this friend of mine called instead of the one in charge!!Really what the~~
They did not even call ler~~And it was so freaking last minute lo~I have not finish studying for Friday and it is obvious la~And i am sure that traning will take hours even though my friend said that only one hour.If it is one hour then isn't it a waste of my time going there and then need to wait.Hm~~
Ok~~i am so out of my title!!Lolz~~Any way,my life is still so freaking sweet...so dang sweet till i think i am going to have diabetes!!Lolz!!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Two more papers to go!!Yeah!!
And i am as free as the bird for 2 weeks only!!Lolz!!Well~~better than nothing right??
Hm~Kind of starting to plan what to do during semester break..Well,i really wanted to catch back with all my friends,be it friends from church,National Service or college!!Lolz!
*so mish you all la~*
Accounting tomorrow.Hm~quite prepared la..better than what i was feeling when i need to face with my BS examinations.Actually it is quite interesting!!Lolz!!I so take back my words now that i can't do ACC,i did it and it is in my course!Thank God for guiding me through lo~

Another thing is that...i so want to go traveling..

I want to feel the sky again!To wake up looking out to nothing but lots and lots of "cotton candy"

I want to get out from the hustle and bustle of the city to some where i can find peace and serenity!

I would love to watch the sunset some where far from home with the one i love.Only me and him~

But for now i just have to deal with all my studies first and then later only to fulfill my dream!!Lolz!!

This is what i see every day now~Haiz~~

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dead and Risen

I died this afternoon(2 - 3.30p.m) and resurected in the evening(4 - 8p.m).Lolz!

Ok~today really suck la becausee~~today is suppose to be a weekend which means the end of this whole week and also the end of this whole week's activities~butt~~some how i/rather we~all need to go back to school for our finals~
Since my mum is not working today so i had to take public transport all the way from my house to Setapak!!So dang far lo~I waited madly for 30 - 40 minutes for that bus to bring me to the Ktm Serdang~Never mindd~~
Later,the bus driver drove like shit and like kept messaging and talked on the phone with his girlfriend and obviously this affected his driving and kena honk like gazillion times.He nearly make me puke in the bus man~Because he was obviously suddenly on the fast speed then he will accidently missed the stop*on the phone ma* and break like he has never seen breaks before in his whole entire life~Haiz~Nevermindd~~People fasting..so i give face!Lolz~
*cursing like shit now*
What really did the last stroke for me was the situation at the Ktm.I waited for 10 minutes*because it shows there* and then the train did arrive but 15 minutes late*nevermind* and the best part is~*jeng jeng jeng~~* it did NOT STOP!!Yea~serious shit weh~We all waited like gila but it did not stop weh~It just went straight ahead without any passengers~And there goes la,all those cursing from fasting people weh~~Lolz!!I was actually humoured at that time.Lolz!
Later on waited another 20 minutes lur~for the next train and thank God it stopped this time.Ok~Total~i wasted more than 30 minutes waiting for our "so" orderly public transport.I went out at 10a.m and reach school at 1 p.m!!How great is that!!*sarcasm*
Obviously no last studies because i was too tired and it was very hot today and the Ktm did not have any air condition*i don't know why* and i nearly pengsan in the Ktm!Huish~~
*stabbing at the photos of the public transport!Lolz*
Exam started at exactly 2.
Got my paper and just sat there.Was there,sitting and not moving.
*was actually praying hard that it is easy la~*
Opened the paper after 30 minutes and was starting to work my way around the paper.Was ok~at the first graph and then got stuck at the second question!And there my nightmare starts~
*obviously my wish was not granted and yea the paper was hard for me*
I blanked~As blank as a white sheet of paper*maybe the paper also not as blank as me*
Tried and tried and tried and freakingly tried my utter most best to work my freaking brain and squeezes all the juice out to answer all question butt~~it was all to no avail~Haiz~
So~~i need to set aside Rm50 now for next year for the resit.End of story of my death.

On a brighter side...
*was suprised that i still can fake out laughs when hanging with my friends*
Went to Times Square on the intention to see and have some starry fun with those of 8Tv hosts and hostess.To our great disappointment,we saw none~~Hell yea~None!!Lolz!!

This year's carnival was not as successful as the last one and see la~so few people only and nothing much to see too~~
It was really hot so we went inside and walked around browsing and to catch up back with friends on what is happening in their lives now~And camwhore a lot too la~But~not all pictures i will post la~

us~why i so yellow wan!!?

this while waiting for a very gentleman~why i so pale?!
Ok~after 1 hour of waiting and camwhored till phones and cameras no battery*chuckles*, the gentleman finally arrived and the first thing he said was "Very very hungry leh~~lets go makan~".
That time was almost dinner so we "quickly" make a choice of where and what to eat~
10 minutes later~*lolz* ended up in a place called GASOLINE.
That place ada mood la~Lolz!!Those people must have been fed with gasoline because the way they walk and talk is like they are dancing and rapping at the same time!!Lolz!!Funny-ness~
The guy who served us was real joker la~He walked towards us like of those kangaroos and the way he talked is funny too~~And the way to order food is funny too~~Lolz~It goes by numbers and we all sounded like we want to buy 4D or Toto~~Lolz!~!Lmao!!
Lets have a look at the hungry ghost!!Lolz!!

Alar~~not clear~here~he is gobbling up those poor fries like real fast.

And stuffing it into his mouth!!Lolz!!
We camwhore a lot here too~~Lolz!!But will upload later on~

Later on..met up aith my mum and brother at the pasar malam and went shopping again!!Lolz~I bought nothing la except for a pair of shoes.Hm~Got Mickey and Minnie wan leh~~Lolz~*kiddo~*

My shoe also black and whitewash like this~~hehehe~~

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Change / Udang di Sebalik Batu~

Had my Hubungan Etnik exams today and it was quite ok~Hm~So after that,went to Connaught with some secondary school friends to have our lunch and ate Wantan Mee soup!!Wee~Long time did not had any Chinese food and really enjoyed the companionship of my friends~
Later on~reach home around 1p.m and had kind of a short conversation with my brother and it kind of goes like this~
Me : Weh~had your lunch ard??
Bro : Erm~haven.
Me : Oh~so~what you gonna have?
Bro : Dunno~
Me : *nothing to say so just lie down*
Brother went to bathe and i just lie there~Because it was really hot today and i'm tired la~
Then he came out,dressed and all and asked whether i want to eat or not~He bloody asked me weh~
Because my brother is the type that don't bloody care about me and we don't really talk to lo~
Me : what you eating la?
Bro : heat back those meats and fry an egg lo~
Me : Oh~~
After 5 minutes~
Bro : i'm frying egg now~you want or not?
Me : *me blur because sleepy*huh??i want egg for what oh??
Bro : to eat la..whatelse??you haven have your lunch right??
Me : *laugh my ass off!!*OH!!I eat ard la before coming back~
When he has done cooking and came out,he asked again weh~
Bro : you really don't want a?
Me : why??you can't finish izt?
Bro : Nola~can finish~*smiles cheekily*
Me : *swt*then you finish it all up la~i don't want~

Thatz all the conversation that we had today.Today is the most conversation that i had with my brother for this whole week weh~I was utterly surprised too due to his sudden change of attitude towards me la~Hm~maybe something happy happened to him at school today lo~Lolz!

Tomorrow is Saturday,buttt~~~*swt*got EXAM leh!!What the~~This is like my very first time got exams during weekends in my whole entire 18 years of life studying!Huish~I only study 6 units yet the finals took 3 weeks++ to finish!!What la~It is not like TARC doesn't have the space to spare~Got a lot of empty classes some more weh~Haiz~And then semester break also break for 2 weeks only!!Hish~That means i only have the 30% chance to go church camp this year lo~What the!It is so freaking unfair weh~
Haiz~Anyywayyy~what ever i do or grumble about wouldn't change anything la so might as well live with it~Yeah~Tomorrow after exams will not go back early!Yeah!!*wink* I will be at Times Square for the 8Tv carnival!Wee~It is back again weh~I hope i can meet Dennis Gan again!!Woo~~Can't freaking wait la~
Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekly Cravings~

Actually i got different cravings EVERY DAY,yea~seriously la~Buttt~~this is week is a special thing weh~I only crave and even day dream about...erm..shy to say la..lolz~I crave for donut.Yea~i simply crave for Dunkin Donut!Woo~~Had my first one when it was my 12 years old birthday and never ever fancy othe donuts ever!!It was like love at first sight weh with Dunkin Donut's donuts~~
Me,being a great fan of anything that has got to do with flour,besides having a passion for bread,i also hearts donuts!!Hm~~Weh~it has been long long long long longgg time since i can remember stuffing a Dunkin's donut into my mouth!I want the banana flavor one,and the mochachinno,the green tea flavor,the mango one~Woo~~i want it all la~~Hm~~Since it is so late and obviously i'm not going to eat anything that even resembles of that heavenly baked flour so i need to result and be contented with pictures~Haiz~~

A sight in which i long to see and be in now~

I will be ubberly contented if i were presented with this now~*and gained like 3 kg*Lolz!!

Usually here will cost me around Rm13++,but who the hell care!!It's Dunkin's Baby~Yea!!

My brother he hearts this~It is weird~He likes things that are pink~Have you tasted this flavor..this is the worst weh and it gives me toothache!*ps:i got sensitive teeth!!*Lolz!!

And i heart all this!!*so coincident leh~i google this pix and there got this*all are my favs!!Got the banana one,the choco banana one,the inside got strawberry one,the chino one~Wee~~^^
*behelding that not there box and dreamingly twirl around the room!*Lolz!!

Hell yea!!!Anyone who gives me this,i'l marry him weh~*only guys allowed*Lolz!!
Hm~seems my September resolution can't be fulfill!!Lolz!
Me shall satisfy myself with one of it tomorrow!!Huahaha~~

Trials Weh~

Today is the beginning of SPM trials for SPM students year 2008.
And man~time does fly!During this time of last year,i was having mine and i can relief the moments when we were duperly,obnoxiously,supercalifragilisticly scared*lol* and not to forget that we are so freakingly unprepared la~
I still can see it now,the situation of me and my peeps who once are as scared as those of todays while i'm hacking away this lappie of mine contently to the thought that i'm not the one who is having major exams!!Hohoho~
*jumps around with SPM cert*
I remember the night before the trials,i was like duper burning the midnight oil weh~i think i did not sleep for the first day of trials because i was too freaking panicky.I remember going to bed at 1a.m and then 2 hours later,there i was,at the study table*again*flipping through my notes and all those things that i thought it will come out la.I panic like shit man~this is due to lack of studying and last minute lur,so yea..i'm a bad influence,boh song?then fuck off la!!Hohoho~
*laugh incoherently and thinks in mind "ivf learn my lesson"*
Sooo~~the result of that is that my certificate for my trials turn out to be a shameful wan la~It ought to be in the dustbin la~*well,it was in*Lolz!!I think i got like 1A(A1),alot of freaking B's and C's and yea..i failed 2 unit weh which is my Physics and Additional Mathematics*expected failures la*.Seriously,i have never ever passed my Physics and Additional Mathematics since i begun learning them!I don't know why la but this diva here is a diva of everything but a dumbass in CALCULATIONS!!!Urrrgghh~~i so freakingly curse that fellow who created Maths la~I know la that u genius,but don't bring suffering to others la~
Wait~~WAIT~~I shall google out the guy who invented Mathematics!!Huhu~~WAIT~~*googling big time~~*

There~ok~i think it is this guy la because i remember seeing his freaking arrogant face in my form 4*or was its 5*oh well,book.Haiz~thankx to you la Calculus*i think thatz his name*,i always have a nice freaking outstanding shameful credit on all my papers!Haiz~
But thank God,when i took my SPM and after waiting for a good 3 months...okok..before that..il talk abit of what i did during that time~~
Before getting our spm results,we need to wait for practically 3 months which yes..waste of time!Actually we can use the trials results to go and enter where ever hell OUR parents wants us to stick our freaking butt in la~And so~due to the goodd result that i got for trials,i did not tell my mum about it*later she found out also la**alot of spanking weh~~*so,i wasted my 3 months and then another 2 more going to NS and all and finally started college at last half of this year~
*ok~i regretted it ok~i would have married by now!!*
Lolz!Exxageratted la~But yea~i could have be in my 2nd semester now la and graduate earlier lo!
Anyyywayyy~My SPM result also wasn't a thing to be proud of la~But then i still want to disclose my own shamefulness!!Lolz!!Thus~this is my SPM results~
English - A1
Bahasa Melayu - A1
Mathematics - B3
Additional Mathematics - B4
Sejarah - B3
Pendidikan Moral - B3
EST - B3
Biology - C5
Chemistry - C5
Physics - D

There~haiz~as expected i will usually nailed my language units la*because i'm the best in em!**winks*
Unexpected results will be my EST and sejarah la because i actually aimed A's for those particular units because i have always As both of them and i was infinitely shocked when i the results last year!T.T
I cried my balls out weh when i only got 2 As and 9 credits instead of 10 credits!Yea~it was one of the most shameful moments in my life la~I am kind of arrogant in things like this la~
*eyeing on all of you that hates me,fuck off la*
Lolz~you know what~i am behaving like how i behave last year weh~
I am once again taking everything into last minute consignment and freak my balls out on the day of finals~Lolz~
Soo~yea~~i'm going to go study la~*winks*
*see me here again erm~~let's say within 30 minutes!!*
*Lolz~~Laughing my ass off in this empty house!!*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am So Into Dogs!!

I am so into dogs this days!!I always have and will ever be but it just got crazy recently...Every where i go,it just seems that God knows of my craziness,a/more dogs will be there,right infront of me!Fyi,this is not the case where those darlings suddenly appear like magic,okkk~~What i'm trying to say is there are way too many stray dogs around my house leh~Fyi,dog+me=HEARTS! Me+Malay area=No dogs..But they are every where!!Woo~~I seriously don't know where all this dogs come from~Anyway,will show you all dogs that i'm so intoo~~CHOW CHOW~~Wait..I shall google it!!Hehehe~


Nice curves weh~~There you go doggie~~

Chow Chow's are known as lazy dogs la~seriously~they dread for walks and hearts sleeping!
Don't worry dear..your still a darling to me~~^^

Cuteness!!Looks so much like those play toy teddy hor??!!Lolz!!

OMG!!!*Victoria cant tahan and thus* "You're coming with me pup..and i shall name you Dreamy!!"Hohohoho~~I always wanted a dog with that name!!Lolz!!
Anyyywayyy~~Dog madness=Victoria duperly hearts,needs to *for now* be a fantasy!But don't worry hunn,momma will come for you!!Ha ha ha~~Serious la~my mum don't let me to have a dog on my own due to 1)Malay area~~*shit la~~must i live here mommy??**innocently*
2)Mommy says that Vicky is not mature enough to care for another creature!*omg!thatz like karma,it is so not true!!I took care of baby brother when he shits and accidently turn over the potty 7 years ago!!**winkz**laugh like mad!!*
Haiz~bottom line is..My mum is great with excuse la*i learn from her*Lolz!!She is my guru!!Lolz!!
Hm~~it is great to have a "companion" la~I meant DOGGGSSS~~*winks*
I want to use Dreamy as a cushion to put my legs on!!And rub it in and lost my feet in it!!Huahaha~~*no Dreamy yet so this is all a dream**huhuhu*
Anyway,got to go now~it is rather late...ooppss,i meant "early"!Lolz!!Nitez!!Toodleess~~

Xia Xue is The Best Chick Around!!

Seriously Xia Xue is one of my idol weh!!She's really really genuine in all her talkshows and all and i love the way she presents herself.And here a clip of her finding a BFF.This is quite a long thing ago la but yea..it is kind off funny la and check out her blog too!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

It Did Not Rain!Yea!

Although it did no0t rain for the past 2 days which is a yea to me but still it was so darn cold!I seriously do not know why it was so cold eventhough the sun is up and shining and being sitted in the mercilessly cold library and then the exam hall did not help at all la...
Had my English finals today which also means that today is the last day i can relax and start to buck up for my upcoming papers,Business Statistic and Accounting la!!Huish!!2 shocking papers which only had little space between to study!WOW!Really need to wakey myself up and study!!I am really taking this way to easy la~Hm~
After exam ended,went to Times Square and no~not there to shop la~*chuckles*although i was so ever tempted to do that but luckily there wasn't much money left with me so yea~no chance to shop also!T.T So went and stroll in Borders la,where else~All shops in that Times Square is not really my type and not my style of clothings so yea~ stranded at Borders for well around 1 hour la~They restructured the whole store and i thought that it was more...more...well coordinate and they make us easier to get books that we want instead of having a section of mags here and you can find another section which places mags too!!Lolz!!
Was browsing at the Newest Fiction Book section and saw the book that i wanted to ever lay my hands on*eventhough it was just published like 2 weeks ago!*but no money!!WEKK~~T.T and so..i have to postphone my desires and wait till i am done with my exams la~~T.T To end my sadness for the day,decided to explore another part of Borders that i have not look through before*it is so big!*So went behind and realize that that part of the store was quite abandon and i could only see one jaga there,standing there picking his nose because he expect that no one would be there!!Well,too bad Uncle..i was there and saw it all!!Lolz!!!Farny-ness!!
Wee~~there are actually so many interesting books at the back section la~there were books written about those famous and unsolved killer,cannibals and lots more crazy and weird way of killing people!Wee~i was like there browsing through a book called How to Perform A Perfect Murder!Lolz!!I took it off the shelves because the title was very to the point and that capture my heart and wanted to browse it's contents.But to my great disappointment,the contents does not potray the title.It was actually a book filled with those killing items used by those past killers and they explain it's uses!!Lolz!!I was like "What is there to explain?"*monolog*"Knife is knife la~~you stab and stab and stab to your heart's desire la~~"Like that also need to publish book ar??Lolz!!Then i went and look for more title that catches my attention and i saw "Sweeney Todd,The Barber Of Fleet Street"!!That is my all time favorite weh!!The book is much much more interesting than the play,the movie,but i like that movie too~~they make it like an opera or something~full of singing and must admit that those songs are well written!I so want to lay my hands on that book but it cost RM69.90,yea~~so that have to delete from my mind la~~Then suddenly it struck my mind,why the hell i am reading this kind of books??!!
So,went and find some Homour Writting books but it does not homour me at all!!Lolz!!Later,mum finally off work and thus waited for her and slept in the car for more than 45 minutes!WEW~~Tired giler!!
Wew~kecian my mum drove silently alone while i slept soundly and abandon her tired and stuck in the jam~i felt so bad when i woke up to realized that i had slept through out the whole journey home.She did not wake me up as usual maybe she knows that i am tired lur~T.T touch~~Thanks mum for letting me sleep like a pig!!Lolz!!
Tomorrow no finals!Yea!!But need to study..Boo..Lolz!!
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