Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life is Actually ... Sweet~

Have you all wake up one day and said to yourself that "I'm going to make full use of my day and be happy about it at the end of the day!" and realize that in the midst of all,I'm still very lucky compared to others and be grateful for it.

I have.Still have time to go Nicchi fashion house samo!Lolz!!

Have you ever wish that when you step out of the house,someone would always be there to fetch you where ever you want to go and with no worries that you be caught in the rain or the jam.

I have! Ok~it is not that i own this but yea~my mum will!!Yea!!And she is the driver la of course!!Lolz!!

Have you ever wish that after a hard day at work and when get back,there will be a nice dinner atmosphere lay out for you and all you have to do is EAT and BATHE and SLEEP,and don't need to do cleaning.

Shy to say but yes,i have that*not in such a way*.I love this atmosphere!Hm~

Have you realize that actually time flies by and those once bad experience and pain now is all gone and now am a better person and is having fun doing what i like.

Lolz!I have!!We camwhored at Nicchi till those sales girls kept looking at us!!Lolz!!And hell we don't care!!

Don't you all wish that one day you will meet some one that loves you more than he loves himself and prepares food for you every morning!!

Of course i wish that to happen!!It is every girls dream la!!Lolz!! I want egg cut in love shape!!Lolz!! Demanding!^^

Are you all surrounded by friends that are so ever loving and care for you and will always be there for you no matter what!And be chio with you,gila with you,and just have plain fun all day long!

Well~~i SURELY have la~~i got lots!!Lolz!!But since no pictures so yea~~You all will always be in my heart!!

Wee~~in a blink of an eye,my first semester ahve come and flew by just like that!!No doubt that i manage to mix around and knew a great bunch of friends and never the less those that aren't so great and are selfish,but yett~~you are still in my friends list la~Lolz!!Wee~~I am so generous!!Lolz!!
Also in the blink of an eye,my first semester exam is going to be over after this coming Friday's paper which is Microeconomics and is one of my favorite subject so i hope i can at least B this la~Pleasse la~Lolz~Beacuse i already fail one and that will surely need to re sit and if i don't get re sit then it is really God's grace that touch that examiner's heart to pass me!! I REALLY REALLY hope that will happen lo~Haiz~~FAT CHANCE ~
Going to have semester breaks too after that and now im torn between staying at home and grow fat or i got to tomorrow's training so that i can work during my semester break!Urrgghh~~Butt~~tomorrow is like so last minute lo~You all know what~i just got that news now leh~while i am blogging and this friend of mine called instead of the one in charge!!Really what the~~
They did not even call ler~~And it was so freaking last minute lo~I have not finish studying for Friday and it is obvious la~And i am sure that traning will take hours even though my friend said that only one hour.If it is one hour then isn't it a waste of my time going there and then need to wait.Hm~~
Ok~~i am so out of my title!!Lolz~~Any way,my life is still so freaking dang sweet till i think i am going to have diabetes!!Lolz!!


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