Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Nearly Died

i nearly died due to a lot of things today.

mommy:let's go SG Wang today!
me:what turf! why so sudden??
mommy:nothing.just feel like money splurging and help boost econ..
me:whatevf~*leaps inside*

ok~i nearly died of happiness! ngehehehe~
because Saturdays are usually a bored and all we do is house keeping, all day, and all i hear is grumblings~
but today, *wee* shopping!! bought a new goggle alas! woo~so damn happy you know! but hor~does chlorine turns white stuffs to yellow? cause if it does, then habisla my new nice and white goggle! ohwhatturf!

i nearly died...
when we are done stalking all shops at SG Wang and wanted to walk over to TS, the sky opened up and pour down His blessings when the weather is already so damn cold!
i was kinda pissed off at that time. if i were given a choice,*not much choice actually* i would rather walk TS rather than SG Wang. although both places super lala~
this is because, SG very very 'wong' la~ so many people and so suffocating!
i hate shopping malls where i will bump into people when i walk and i hate people that has no self concious. standing in the middle of the road and all...
can die wan leh if i see this kind of people...
and and and and...
i can die also just by looking at the way they dress!! ohmyfcukingod!
i cant stand super duper metallic colors! what turf is that?! where is their sense of fashion?? whatz with super bright green pants matching up with apair of rainbow colored shoe and a bright colored orangey... whatever baju is that cause it doesn't looked like clothes, it looked like a piece of cloth wrapped around like how grannies used sarong to wrap around. =.=

seriously, i can die due to so many things when i am in SG W. their toilets, their road pavements, their taste of clothes, their food, their cleanliness, their manners...etc etc~

i nearly died...
like i said, the congestedly congested SG Wang with swarming humans gives me headache!! @@
when we finally dare to go under the rain to TS, my head was already pounding and i feel nausea. and while crossing, i realized how stupid we were...
me:oh fuck! i am so stupid lur~
mommy:y a??*steps on puddle*oh fuck!
me:y din we take to stupid farking monorel! can reach ts dryly leh!!
mommy:*ahahahahah**all the way there*
me:*cursing all the way there*
ok~damn stupid la that one! and i can die because of my own stupidity too~
i used that monorel everyday and still i can forget where it can bring us to~
and we have to 'lam' rain!*uhuhu*
and it was so heavy. and i was pounding my head*eh?!*i meant my head was pounding.

i nearly died...
when i nearly barf everything out whilst in the car!!
okok~i did not barf out the contents la~i NEARLY!
the disgusting part is~ i barf in my mouth!@@ what turf!
and i swallow it back!

end of story.
p/s:please dun nearly died like me when you saw my last statement.
pp/s:don't need to go SGW and TS for shopping if you're not lala
ppp/s:bring ella ella wherever you go this days, rainy season bah~

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hate it

i have been sitting in the computer room way too long till i feel so lifeless now. and all those movies on mysoju is either unloadable or broken. how the hang can the vids be broken i also don't get it. could it be that so many people watch it before me and when i want to watch it now, it is broken. T.T
then crunchyroll says that they doing maintainance!?*now i can't spell that either, bother~*
so long in this room that the room smells like me now.. ahahaha~

yesh, msn really really so spamable!
and i hate it! darn it!
while i am surfing the net and watching vids and dramas, there would always be a freaking nudge and a pop up chat room from my friend list. so without checking whether they online or not, i just open up the cbox and thought they want to chat or what la. then only i realized is those stupid links. my friends call it virus. you know what links?! i will tell u~
links like...! what turf! and they comes with a private message like 'come see me naked!' , 'i have just uploaded my most turn on pictures.' , 'i had found the most horny girl.'... blablabla~
and i'd go what turf!

at first i thought that my friend simply sent it to me for some joke or what la kan. then i realized that they are actually offline. so, all those lonely websites used my friend's email address to sent and make some pathetic publishing of their pathetic sites. and it is so damn irritating! it comes every 5 - 10 minutes after i close the previous box.
and my poor friends, i had to block some of them just for the sake of not seeing those stupid links and annoyed me. sorry peeps..
but... on the other hand.. i had got this naggy feeling.
how can those people get my friend's email and hack it i presume.*fark, another one now*

^^sailormoon wont be giv up wat i going 2 do!! says:
are you horny?! Go check these sexies babes & hunks,

there! i don't know how to paste the whole cbox here so i just took what they sent! shyte..
and i was thinking that prolly my does go to this kind of sites and so they got their mail and use them illegally?! woot~
damn irritating! can anyone enlighten me on how to make it go away?

i was watching a documentary about mosquitoes just now. yea~ what turf right? about mosquitoes! lolx~ and they say that the animals differentiate between themselves by their pitch of their humming. the flapping of their wings. they said, 'mosquitoes differ themselves by fluttering differ pitch of tone. if male flutters at a higher pitch then the female will flutter at a lower pitch and vice versa.'
ok~ what the heck was that?! read again and try to indulge on what they say then u will know why i went =.=
which means i can choose to be female or male la is it? that means if i am in the naughty mood, i can trick the other to think what i am not la?*as in mosquitoe*

haix~what a documentary i watch just now~ waste of time.
and then they showed pictures of swan. suddenly. just like that and they are still on that topic and once again made me think.. 'what if this pest went and bite on crazy dog's blood then they came and sting me??!'
yerr~ and i saw this picture! yerr~

what is wrong with him?!
what turf! no eye see and this picture made me shivers~

maybe i got too bored or what but i feel so irritated la~
have been hearing Rehab by Rihanna for the 5th time today and the radio station still dare to cheat listeners by saying that they will not repeat the songs that they played! what the! u treat all your listeners deaf ka?! darn it! not hating the song but the bullshitting of the station.

i truly adore this girl! she is so successful and at such tender age~ not that tender but not very much older than me too but she is like so way richer than me already. she is like gold dust and i am like a speck of dust around the corner of your house! what the hang~
and she is coming and i am not going because~ i am not sure where will she be and prolly i am back to college already.
is she coming?? or has PAS made stupid comments again that they are restricting her from doing a concert here? what turf la you guys! just sit back, relax, enjoy the show and shuddup la~
you don't want her, well, heck! prolly 2 million people want her here. and she helps you freaks boost economy ok~ do the maths la~

ok~ that was so random. not PMS-ing or anything la~ just irritated by hornymatches! what turf!

finally!!moved my arse to blog about things that drives my orgasm above normal level! lolx~what turf!
and it is this~

Konad stamping and scraper set and one of the many many image plate sold there!

yeah!now secret revealed! victoria loves doing nail art!
and those are just sets used in one of the steps of creating nail design. there are stamping style, the ones that you draw, the one that you stick stones on it yourself and etc..
and since i have not undergone any training to become a nailist yett... i said yet.. i will become one day and that one day is after my diploma! what turf!
3 more years to go! shyte! and they got age limit wan leh~
and if i am not wrong, after the age 26 or some where around there, there will be less chance they will accept your resume to be enrol in the training school!
not that i am super old now~ok! behh~~

the stamper and scraper item cost me RM20.

and image plate cost me RM16. and in case you are wondering what is an image plate~

there! something that reflects your image while you try snapping it! lolx~
as it has been named, it is a plate, an aluminum one i guess with image scraped on top of it.
so it is like something that you copy paste la~from the plate to your nails.

and all you need is this~

the stamper, scraper, image plate, some nail polish of your own preference and a bottle of cutex and cotton balls also...

Guide on how.
1) clean thoroughly nails from those old nail polish that has chipped off or you just have an itchy ass that you want to try new nail polish and this stamp-it method. have clean and no polish nails.
2) then use a base coat before applying a base nail polish. the base coat is essential as it helps protect nails from direct touch of nail polish which will make nails turn yellowish after a period of time.
3) as for me, i used a dark maroon as my base nail polish. always have this in mind, always go yin yang. that means use two color, one light and the other must be of dark colors.
4) apply nail polish base on nails. always do the centre, then to the left and then to the right. one stroke on each side so that you will have evenly spread nail polish. and if it still looks light, wait till it is touch dry then apply another layer to enhance it.
5) while waiting for your nail polish to dry on nails, you can start preparing your image using the image plate.
6) put a small amount of nail polish on the plate, make sure it covers the whole image that you want, and then using a scraper, scrape right across the image.
7) very quickly, take up the stamper and gently roll onto the image. and you will see the image sticks to your stamper.
8) then using al,ost the same method on (7), gently roll and transfer the image onto your nails.
*i will show pictures for (7) and (8) later*

and wala!! you have your very very own DIY nail art.
some people might say, why waste RM36 on things that you can get every where, be it in the shopping mall or kaki lima, there will always have a nail salon.
but do the maths, how many friggin time and money will you have to visit the nail salon? and it is quite costly too to go there and make your nails. might as well, invest more now and use it for super long time. unless, you misplaces your things way too often that you hilangkan la, then cannot use many many times! lolx~

what turf!
i went and slept way too early yesterday and you know why! shyte
it even creeps me out to blog about it now...

i was drama-ing, blog hopping, and reading one blogger's post about the missing level 21 at Genting. and that is when i heard it! *shudders*
i heard a farkingly loud 'ngehehehehehe' right outside my window whilst i was in my computer room. and as my house faces the main road, it is quite likely that someone could just climb into my porch and steal stuffs or do farking sounds to scare me to bed, but who the heck would do that at 12a.m la~
even it was burgulars, they would try to make as least sound as possible right and not go 'NGEHEHEHEHEHE' at a farkingly high pitch sound.
*shyte! still scare now although morning already*
and my neighbours, they sleep late, yes.. but neither of them laughs that way!! and they only have sons and the only women in the house is the mum, who would usually laugh like a man~ lolx what turf!

and i told mummy this morning that it sounded like langsuir~ what turf!
and mummy got all creepy but ask what is that!
then i told her and she was like what turf! because no one died here during their pregnancy what! beside, at this area, it is either too old cannot bear child any more or too young and so cannot khalwat. lolx~ bottom line is, no one is having babies in my area prolly till when i grow up la~lolx~

yerr~ now cannot sleep late at night already!! shyte shyte~
i used to watch and go after this kind of stories~ but later on, i feel that i have sinned greatly towards Jesus because i am like so obssessed with wanting to know, and i was like practically worshipping Mr. S.A Tan. not sesat agama la, it's just that i talk all about them every day.
finding ways of knowing more is what that occupies my mind everyday!
what the~ i should shuddup now~ and use my early morning time to watch more movies since i will not stay up late prolly for one week~hehe~ish~i used hahaha~

Thursday, January 29, 2009


today is my really first day at house on a month holiday quest. my definition of 'really first' is when i am all alone at house with no adults or siblings, nah~ that is what i call a real and perfect holiday... just me and my lappie and the unlimited time of using the internet, with no one around to blab at me for watching dramaS the whole day. from 7a.m to like now! what turf!
and i skip two meals! wwooo~~@@ does that mean i will lose at least 2 kgs? *ask mum*
*back* darn it! she said no but that will do a reverse way because i am not eating on time! darn it!

and i realized that there are way too much people online/offline using 'what turf' this days and this has like become a trend! what tur.. see what i meant, it keeps slipping out of my mouth..what t... okok~*change* DARN IT!

if any of you ever reads my blog and i would want to be optimistic, so i ASSUME that you all read la hor, maybe not regular basis but at least a peekaboo, right?? Innit gang~ kan kan kan?? *dewy eyes*...
anyway, back on track, as i was saying, i promised to blog about what i bought yesterday that drives my orgasm up the walls and still have not come down to neutral yet...ngehehe... seems like i am sidetracked. darn it!
i lazy to blog about it today~~ hehe~gomeneh~
make double promise now lo ok~ what turf! i will blog about it as early as 7a.m tomorrow.
*cross my heart*

i realized another thing today.
i have sooooo much much much movies and dramas all uploaded, waiting for me to watch them all!
i am now so woobly inside and i don't know why i get butterflies to the thought that i have so much to catch up. i can die wan leh if i don't watch all those and catch up with the 'normal' world. study world is not normal ok~
normal world is...
1) eff-ing all about needing to go to work and sit in meeting for don't know how many hours and then solve problem together. *uu~so chio! me likey*
2) you have what they call Monday Blues. student have blues 24/7 a day ,a week, a month.. 365(1/4)days also blue! shyte~
3) you have the priviledge to dress like a swan to work and only aahs will be heard and not 'she dress so over, college only what!' what turf! i like la so backoff biatchs!
4) you have friday and saturday night outSS! and not 'you need to stay home and study because you are not smart enough!' shyte~

there would be a super long list about that if i were in the mood of doing so butt.... lucky you hor~ i am not in that mood~ ngehehe~evil people you!
and i miss Darlyn Goh! page page paging Miss Darlyn Goh!
Victoria Miss You Hunn~
now~movie movie!! oh my Goo Jun Pyo, saranghaee~~!!
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Utama One Whole Day

slept late yesterday but still managed to wake up super early today because too exited! lolx~exited to go One Utama. like so kampung what turf!

reached there earlier than expected because me and brother was saying that mummy would definitely get lost again while on the way there, and i promised my friend to be there at what what time, so we went out early. before 10 to be exact. and reached at 10.10! what turf! she did get lost and managed to find her way back easily because she was on the right way, it is just that she make a super extra u-turn.
don't boo us please, Damansara is so not my territory and i have been there like once only for last year. i think i have enough fingers to count all the times that i went to One Utama because it is kinda far from my house. Mid Valley is always the place that we contribute to the long frggin jam at Bangsar. seriously, what turf, i went there also lu today!! after One U.

below, a lot of pictures coming up, and all this could only happen if i have a partner in crime...

is the girl, not the small coffee thing..
our actual plan is to go there and try out as many shop as possible that we thought worth us trying out, but alas, i spoil sport! i kept saying no to every shop because i am low on budget and it is super expensive lur~ and that thing she is holding cost RM4.90 ok and it will come out as shit too~ to know more, read about this. here is where you will get info of what you might want to grab and have when your stomach is telling you to fuel up.

and since her blog's theme now is Valentine's Day, we walked across Lovely Lace, if i am not mistaken and i saw what i like most. what turf! i think i should say MOST girls would love to have~

ooohh~~*goo goo eyes* @@
i want them all!! but no people to receive all this from! sad case~

actually, we did and took so many pictures today and it is all scattered and unfiled in my usb that i don't know where should i start writting about! what turf~ lets start with the choco shop~ name Chocolate something~ i forgot. but my friend's blog sure got~ and all the choco there is so temptatious and mouth watering but expensive shit la.
if i were on the hunger and itchy-ness for choco today, damn confirm that i will pokai today!

ok~actually i was quite tempted to try this but after a look or maybe two at the price for it, that makes me think twice. 'still comes out as shit what?should i buy it?'
those that know me~ will know the answer! lolx~

that choco is i think Black Choco and it is my fav! and who loves black choco high fives me here! *piak* because i know not many/seldom people love the bitter taste of Black Choco but that is what i like! i am weird because i love to either eat or drink all those bitter and must be super bitter herbs, those herbal teas and all those~ and i will shiver at anything sweeter than my quota.

the same frog pattern and i think this cost around RM 59.90. yea, for 6 choco look alike frogs and still somes out as shit after that! lolx~
sorry for those that enjoys food, but don't you think that is it a bit wasting to eat super duper expensive stuffs just to fulfill your desiring tastebuds and after that it still comes out as shit and you will errmm hard for it to come out and you feel disgusted about it... weird huh people~
food in = sedap
food out = smeelllyyy~~ eeee~~
anyhow, still food what!!!

they really got a lot of choice to choose from! go read more la~

then, i spoil sport and rejected at everything that she wants to try at. i sayang my baru received ang pau la!! huhu~ but then again~i go waste it, wasted RM36 at things that i like and i would like to make another post all about that! lolx~
so we proceeded to do what girls do best and what guys hates most~

And today i know that there is this thing that they call Padini Concept store. i know i kampung la what turf!
and so i realized that there are Seed, Padini Authentics, Vincci, Padini and a few more la, all in one shop! how cool! i can buy things from head to toe and luckily today i bought only 1/4 of my angpau.. if not, sure 1/4 also no more!
and i saw my fav and cutest thing in Padini~

oh what turf! a mini cooper!! and red too! and real one to and not some chapalang shit~

but got Padini Authen tic signature! what turf!
and the door can open one argh!! and the hood too~
told you that i am weird.. i go all gaga and haha for cars and even more gaga and haha if it is those old one, antique to you all and those super speedo shits like Lamborghini! woo~~
to tell the truth, i feel tempted to pose beside the car like how to bitchy speedo japanese girls do on race tracks! lolx~ but i did not because there were actually 2 guys who went and check out the car before i did.
i spotted it like 10 km away but i don't dare to even go near nor even touch it because mama teach me not to simply touch things.. but maybe this guys mama never teach them and they go touch and open the door and all~ i just peek peek and take 2 photos! lolx~
and i regretted that i did not sit in it!!! aarrggghh~~ what turf!!

then met up with mummy for lunch because no budget~ lolx~
after that we went to this shop names InQBox which totally cute. there is actually a concept about the name..
Box = the shop has shelves embedded to the walls in the shapes of boxes, cubicle i would say but smaller. you put one head in and thatx all, you cannot stuff two head in, that small.
InQ = i think this is because it is in a box and it is cute looking so called InQ! lolx what turf!
and their concept is, if you have a merchandise, maybe your handicraft, your free merchandise that you receive a lot and it is worth a lot and you don't want it, things that you purposely go and get it *JP and K stuffs very popular*, you can then take all this to the shop, the InQBox, and rent a small cubicle and get some extra income.
but the things that i saw there is mainly stuffs from Jp and K. other than that are stuffs that usually awws and ahhs you~ things that you can't get easily here in Malaysia. *sigh*

and we got attracted to this~

alar~ cannot see nicely~
this is actually a box of a whole lot of small musical box thing.
you know those small mechanical work clock that works inside your musical boxes??
yea~those~ but they sell only the mechanical and no box~ but nicely!
only RM39.90 one~ cheap also kan~

then still got a lot of stuffs la and i did not keep taking pictures of it all because there is this guy that i think he thinks that i want to steal~ what turf!

i love this ring lur~ but RM20! what turf! made in Jp and i rememver Jp there only sell around 100 yen, around RM10++, not reaching RM20.

i am into Smiley this day and i like this!
this is a 'will you marry me' ring holder box!
please, my Mr. Right, present me the ring with this box and surely i will answer with a smile!
lolx~ what tur~~

then bought the things that i want and then head to MPH Bookstore! a must go and find every where i go~

while waiting~ bla bla bla~ so dark la there! should have brighter light since this is the reading place~

then more shopping and me, more camwhoring~

like got two Victoria! eeh~ creepy la~

vainity! woohoo~me likey! ahahahaha~
bad hair! shit~ gotta cut cut cut you awaaaayyyy~~

partner in crime for the day!

and she is a happy girl because one blouse and a skirt! what can she asked for more in such short period of time! lolx~
then takoyaki and sushi time~ oishii neh!!

Takoyaki shop~ no picture of tako because Cheesie ones are so so so much deliciouso that i am too embarrased to post up Malaysian style of Tako~*sad case*

my all time fave!! and that friggin hand! ish~ dameneh!!!
still my sushi! darn it~!

later on, one ktm straight to Mid Valley to meet up with mummy because she went there earlier on after tired of One U. and had dinner outside! woo~ first time she so sporting to be out of the house the whole day! and she mush herself with an elegant looking dress which cost only RM69.90 at Nichii!
ooohh~~my fav shop! i am going to buy all my future working clothes there! woo~ can't wait!!

now~ back to K drama, Hana Yori Dango(Boys Before Flowers)in K version~ so much nicer and cuter la~ the guys i meant!
Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am so bored

after the last post, i have been mugging through all the blog links that are on my blog.
although i don't leave comments, i visit ok and i helped you pathetics pulled up ranks too.. so don't come bombarding me to ignore your space.. i don't! i read every day! like EVERYDAY~

this is the only way that i can know what has and had happen to all my peeps that seem to either don't want to have anything to do with me anymore for what ever reason, or super busy to even drop me a message when they can message their other half all day long and like so hard to even send me a CNY wish.
for what ever reason, please know that i still love all that knows me and even though you have forget my existence and the times that we had together before we all grew up, i, Victoria will hold on to those memories with dear life because...

and yes, i am so freaking bored with all the hu haa of CNY and all i had got to do is just to sit at home and blog~
but i love blogging!! huhuhu~
what a deja vu~

CNY 2nd day

i finally got back my laptop! i got what i want and that is the reinstallation of my web cam and so i could webcammy now. but i totally don't know how to turn on the wireless network connections now that my cousin brother did something else to it. it shows connected but the status is 'validating identity'. what turf is that? can anyone enlighten me with informations on this?

i have so much to blog about although i had only left it for one night, yea, my baby lappie slept in other people's house last night and i kept dreaming lappie baby begging me to bring him back. ngehehe~ this is really the first time he left my sight! gosh! and the part i dreamt about him is true weh!!

i shall start with some crazy pictures i took on the last day of my finals now that i am emo-ing that i have got nothing to do and kind of missing my finals. what turf!

this is actually a pretty looking bug because it's shell is greeny shining in color! yea but it doesn't look like it here because then people would be staring at me taking picture of a bug while studying and in the middle of college canteen!
so i just snap nonchantly~

and i had this the night before and see, lappie baby and notes all together on one table, which equals to.. you all guess la~ ngehehe~

then i would want to post about my second day of Chinese New Year, my second day of being emo at home...
i went to my aunty's home yesterday and yea, i took pictures of my beloved nephews again but this time, i wasn't the thing that they go hu ha about..T.T

but it is my gameboy!! what turf!

and my fav game!! huhu~my super sonic mario! and i did not get to touch my gameboy even once yesterday!

yea, i got this really baad habit. i will go every where with my gameboy and i don't care that people say gameboy is so out and even psp would be out. i don't care la! i don't bring psp out because the possibility of people aiming for that is higher than the possibility for a gameboy. *macro shit and i miss it!!*
i was at aunty the whole day and it was farking hot so that was the only house i went.
later at night, when i came back...

my fish died!!!! what turf!!
enough said! i will not let mum change my fish's water anymore!
Sunday, January 25, 2009

Niu Year Reunion Dinner

i was very very much happy to know that i can celebrate Chinese New Year this year. due to some circumstances, we can't celebrate it for 2 years. actually it was suppose to be 3 years but since we are christian and we don't believe much in the hoo haa of the chinese beliefs, we celebrate it this year.
means, more people will come for visiting and more visitation from us, equals to more angpau!
before that, i think i will safe that for tomorrow after all the run up and down and the easiest way to get money!

had our reunion dinner*like any other family would* at Dynasty Hotel this year. the reason that we chose Dynasty instead of all the rest is simply because the other hotel's food are unedible and Dynasty prove every one wrong that hotel foods sucks. cheers to that and i change my say, not all hotel food are disgusting! i sokong Dynasty till i die! *chooiii!*
we had 8 course meal, i think it is 8 course la, so busy helping myself with food that i only manage to take a picture of the very first dish.

this is soup Yee Chee~
*fyi: my chinese sucks so i cant explain the name of the foods and i dont remember either*

then i remember the second dish was something i would never touch because my resolution was to loose weight!
fuck! and they serve suckling piglet. i forgot is it suckling piglet la, i know it is the super expensive and baby pig. no meat all all only got fats and crunchy layer of fat meat on top. drooling huh?! yish, luckily i am not a fan of pig meat and i think that it is kind of cruel to kill a baby pig. let me Google it and let you see what i exactly saw just now, they serve with the head and feet on the plate! what turf!

bah! something like this!!!
*picture courtesy of Mike Yip*
and i lost my hunger the moment i saw the horrendous, pain looking, being tortured looking pig. but my mum kept beckoning at me because i did not want to have that in my stomach and it is rude la in Japanese culture and so.. fuck, i had to eat one piece and i super beh song already!
i am so sorry small pig! that you have to die over my joy of celebrating the Lunar year.
may you reincarnate*chinese beliefs* and be a human and you can enjoy eating back like what and how humans eats your kind. and once again, sumimasen!! taihen taihen sumimasen!

and then we had stir fried vegetable with abalone and sea cucumber. this was and will always be my fav dish for as long as i can celebrate CNY. and then we were served with prawns and that was my first time peeling prawns with chop sticks. what the heck! and being a banana, not that pure, chop sticks are kind of alien to me because i grew up in a westernized way. but i manage to peel weh but i only had 2! huhu~ but then again, don't consume so much prawn, later jadi otak udang! lolx~
next on the menu was fish! super big fish! luckily it was stim fish with soy sauce, or else, i would not touch that stupid fish because i hate fried fish, they just don't taste as fresh as the stim ones. and the next was Udon mee fried with black pepper sauce and that freaking noodle make me miss Japan all over again! obaasan, i wonder how are you?
and the last was sweets stuffs.
all this food actually has meaning of it and that is why they always serve the same food every year!

and no picture, so sorry yea! busy eating.
later on, i had time camwhoring with my 2 nephews. cute ones. and damn naughty! see picture and you will know what i mean...

this is Jonathan and he is the lady killer! where ever he goes, people want to take a picture of it or with him.
suppose, i am the damn lucky girl huh? that i don't need to illegally snap picture of him far far away!
no contact number~ still under age! ngehehe~

and this is the younger brother! equally cute and the second lady killer!
his name is Marcus. and i call him Marcus boyy~ and he will come laughing and showing all his teeth!
and he would be my future camwhoring partner! he loves the camera so much, as much as i do and as photogenic as i do! lolx~

see what i mean??!! lolx~
aiks! salah tempat! can see that stupid mah tong that i just used! lolx~
that was two of my nephew that make me an aunty but i am proud of them and i xoxo them super a lot!
and below is the naughty pictures that they want to take so many times becauseee... i can take pictures looking at myself, get what i meant? my phone got 2 cameras. and i laxy to edit all the pictures so please my difficulities of taking their pictures because they nearly push me to the grounds! lolx~

the first few still ok la hor~ then they got wild especially Marcus.

gila already! but my bad also la because i was pushed all the time they want to get in to the picture and i did not take it nicely.

i feel that this is nice and i lurve this!

Marcus was sitting on my lap and he got all exited seeing himself and was laughing and trying to grab my hp and i almost fell to the ground.
wearing skirt! what turf!

and this is my cousin sister.

entrance to the Dynasty hotel.

pictures all taken with my hp and so that explains the quality. what do you expect of a China fone la~
i was lazy to edit so.. lolx~
happy cny to all! and do you all think my nephews are the cutest thing in da world??!!
i think so! hell yea!!
xoxoxo to all


finals is over and so does my second semester and not to forget that i am now actually a year older! damnnit~
i can still see the picture of my first day in primary, my first day of going and knowing what is school. and i love school. full stop to that, no longer explanation of why, i just love it.

right after the last torturing week and day, we went to Kepong Jusco for some chilling out time and also our last meet up till the next semester starts! woo~ i am so going to miss them weh! T.T
and what a cliche! we were saying that now that the finals are over, it is going to be so boring because we are so used to super pack time, freaking classes and lectures, the freaking weather that we go through every day to classes, and for me is the troublesome-ness of transportation...we are all leaving that behind for one month ++ now... and i don't know what can i do at home!! what turf!

probably i should change my title to MyHouseIsNotaPlayground! lolx~
and and and!!! i strongly recomend all of you to go invade cinemas and watch Underground3: Return Of The Lycans! super-ly best~!
and note, if you have not watch the Underground 1 and 2, still, do go for the Underground 3 because you still can totally understand what it is all about because me myself did not went for the first two and still i enjoyed it to the max and swore to dig the whole Internet/WWW or what ever you all call it in search for Underground 1 n 2. and yes, illegal download! hell, i do not care!
and that day when we watch that movie, before starts, they will waste our 5 minutes watching their ads right? then we saw them showing us this...
The ads went something like that.
i was like what turf in my heart and said 'i don't care' loudly and very coincidently said it with my besttie! lolx~
p/s : not that i hate Msia and not that i love it either.. cliche.. but what has it's economy benefits to me that i have to take care of it's economy! what turf!
and i was telling the peeps the other day that, i am now 18 so i can watch either 18sg or 18 sx movie without showing my ugly id card! ngehehehe~ yea! hail the world of 18-teens! to those under, sorry yea~ you guys have to wait prolly 2 or 5 years more and show la your id card to them! lolx~

Friday, January 23, 2009

Shitty MSN

messenger was such a pain in the ass for the pass few days. in fact, not only messenger, even the land connection sticks up my butt! i can't even sign in to anything, msn will keep disconnect and will never reconnect! google-ing take a heck-ing 30 minutes to enter into a web page and another 15 minutes for it to load the page and another bloody 30 minutes to run the program! huish~
resulting, no blog updates, no msn with pig and friends, no calling through msn, even want to download skype also a big issue! heck with Malaysia la~

tomorrow is the last day of war. exam. finals and yes.. it is really the final tomorrow and in just a blink of an eye! *chingg*
and we are going to do something tomorrow to celebrate our victory and then comes the one whole boring month! ish ish ish~ guessed that i am going to download a whole loads of videos, j and k movies and dramas, hk and taiwan dramas and sticks my butt to the chair the whole day!! woo~~ngehehehe~ lifeless, i know~ but there is nothing to do or go and it is so dangerous even just out to get the newspapers here in Malaysia.

woot~ i have got nothing to blog about but i am not going to sleep tonight! yeah! sleeping is such a waste of time! and i hate sleeping actually, because it makes me 24 hours less perday! unfair!
Thursday, January 22, 2009

Public Nose Cleaning

continuation of yesterday's blog post. my plan thing. and so it did not work out! because the shop wasn't there anymore!!! huhuhu~ what turf!
sorry mummy~ no present for you this year but i will try to not fail anything this semester and present my victory to you as a gift la! huhu~

today is totally a kick-paper's-ass day and i can confidently say that all my not-that-so hardworking effort used to study my BISA paper really paid off! ngehehe~ and for once, i can say that i manage to finish it all up and only left one questiond blank because that question has totally got out of my range and was too blank myself to even think for the answer. stomach grumbling also at that moment so, lagi cannot concentrate!
but it was the best paper that i had kick through out this semester's finals.

was on my way back today, alone, by train.
so i sat beside this old chinese guy that closes his eyes like all the time. at first i thought this old dude might be too tired and so fall asleep. after 10 minutes in the train and me sitting beside him, he started lifting up his hands to his nose and start diggin it! i was like what turf!
at first i was like, 'ok probably he had a sudden nose itchy mania and so have to dig it eventhough he is in public.'
i was utterly digusted, obviously!
but that continued through out the whole farking 45 minutes journey!

when he was on his third attempt to dig it publicly with out any doubt of shame and sense of cleanliness, all that i was thinking about is...
1) 'what turf! what are you doing la? stop digging la! '
2) ' you want tissues or not? '
3) ' yeerr, got so much to dig meh?? '
then i got abit too agitated and all i was thinking is...
4) ' fark! you dig dig dig then u put your hand on the rail where every one will hold onto it later!! '
5) ' stupid old man, urrgghh~~do not flick your nose shit here!!! uwaaa~~ '
when the lady opposite was looking at him without even blinking and was looking back at me, i was like...
6) ' what turf!! wrong idea! i so totally don't know him!! so farking embarassing!! '

and so i sat so close to the side that i kept knocking my head to the class divider!
stupid dirty old man!

p/s: do not do nose cleaning publicly. if you want to clean it, just keep it to yourself because no one wants to see your nose shit and nose hair flying every where!!
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Am So Unfilial!!

today is one of the most worst day ever in my life! i did something that i have not and usually would not do even though i was given a choice to not do it. and this time around, i swear, i did not do it on purpose. or should i say i did not forget it without a purpose.
Today Is Mum's Birthday
I Totally Forgot All About It.
*knnccbb to myself*

i am totally hating myself for it now! and i would love to contribute half of that hatred to my finals! because of you, i forgot the most important thing that i usually would never forget! never till now~ what turf~
the truth is, i had actually planned a big gift for her since last year.

the actual plan was, i would forked out a sum of money to go get the most relaxing spa package for her so that she can relax herself and enjoy her big day. and as time goes by and you know how money sucking college life could be, even going there cost me a fortune, seeing to the fact that my college is probably 100 km away from my house! *i think la*
and because i am not working *cant find part time, what turf*, my only income that is coming in not that overflowing is none other than from my mum's own purse. and so i decided to drop this idea/plan. for fear that she will plunged me down with a knife when she know that i bought her *prolly* RM250++ spa package. and yea, i know the price range because i did went and check it out ok! not just a say say~
the only thing is that it did not worked out! *sigh~~*

the second plan was... let me start from the beginning...
every single day, i would start off at the Sentral Lrt. and in this lrt which i will prefer saying complex, there are a lot of stores, selling all sorts of things, there for tourists to grab. what a business tactic! and a good one too~ and a money currency flowing-in one too~
so, i had eyed on this particular store selling jeweleries for quite a long time~ and they have quite a lot to choose from and the price is worth the buying and the important thing is, my mum will not plunged me down with a knife trying to get her present! lolx~
i said eyed right? means that i have not pull out the moola to get it for her right?
and so i will go and do it tomorrow! gosh! i feel so awfully guilty weh!

and just now, when i was studying after helping her to make cookies and all~
she said this, at first she was sighing and she was saying that she is tired la because she came back from work then have to do cookies and all and then playfully, she said.... 'there, my duty for my birthday today is to make cookies and my children all forget my birthday sedangkan i did not once forget theirs and i love them so much!'
what turf!
my heart totally clinged at what she said! because i know her *duh~she IS my mum*, eventhough she make it sound playful, she is actually saying what her heart feels! what turf! that makes me so unfilial, because i had forgot my own mother's birthday! and without this day, there would be no Victoria Poh's existence in this world!
knnccbb~ at my finals!
my head is so into finals, studying and all those shits stuffs for that farkingly cheap, priced at RM2.00/paper of certificate of Diploma, till i forgot what is more of importance! shit~

to tell the truth, i did not te very much studying today too~ and hell to you la finals!
and i spent my time blingeed my phone, and it is still half done and it looks so weird now, what turf!
anyway, continue studying~

What Would I Do

i can't help it but to come here and do my blog. people always ask me, where do i get my inspiration to blog and if you all notice, each of my entry has almost an equal amount length of ramblings and my thoughts for the day. some people even said straight to my face that i shouldn't be so blunt in my blog, as in expressing what i feel towards other without giving a hell how they feel. and you know what YOU people, if you do not like it then fark off! there! i did, was and will always be this blunt here, so what are you going to do about it huh? ISA-ed me for being overly blunt?! what turf! just bloody don't read my blog la if you hate it so much! why do you even bother to read it if you hate it?

as for the inspiration... i seriously do not understand what do you mean by inspiration~
does inspiration means that you simply create an event and make it a happening one and takes loads of pictures and you make sure that it was super fun so that you will have at least something to blog about at night?
your meaning of inspiration is that you mind-created a story and so obviously it is a make up *duhhh* and you blog about it by inserting names of your peeps, names of the places that you stay, uploading pictures that you Google-ed from Google Firefox then you edit it to make more like pictures that you captured~ just to make it seem ever more real, and wala~ you had an 'inspiration' to blog.
you went and read all your blogger friends link list, all their entry, looking at all their pictures and how they have their own accent and way of blogging~ and then you try to pick out their own copy-righted self quote and try to make it YOUR copy-righted quote *so wuliau~ go think one of your own la*. and then you categorized that as an inspiration?

sorry to say and make you all can't bitch back at me, i do neither of the above! read~ NEITHER!
if you farklings do not understand the word neither or how to use the word NEITHER in grammar sentences constructing, i would recommend you to just go and fly your own kite, jump down from a building, drink acid and let it burn your pitiful stomach, or just run out aimlessly at an on coming car and~~
*i just wrote something bluntly, so how? YOU want to bitch slap me now?huh?!*

on the lighter side...
to those that asked me politely on how, what, where, when, why *4W1H* i am able to do at least one single blog entry every single day, as if my life is so meaningful, as if i have so many event going on in my life as an Marketing student, as if i live my life as someone who works beside famous stars~ bla bla bla~
i am just going to list it down la yea~ so next time don't ask again la hor~ if you ask, so i assume that you do not read my blog la hor~ so why turf you ask?!

- yea~ lame, i know. i meant the quote and not me. to others, that quote might have been washed down to the drain because it is like centuries old and all those shit~ but i held on to this quote and i see it the other way. i used to see that i have got no life at all because, being a student and all, it has always been, after school walk back home, have lunch and then shower and then do homeworks. till the cows go home. and then dinner with family and then revision and i will always end the day by praying to God to give me a life and not a routine. i hate routine! *slaps routine*

now that i am a COLLEGE *it is rainbow!* student, like as any college student would say, i have MORE FREEDOM. freedom means less routine, not totally no routine! but just a tiny lil wit more of freedom. and with this tiny bitsy freedom that i can finally acheived after 17 years of nerve-wrecking routine everyday, i really live this up to the fullest. i know that you don't get me now...

Eg ah: my class used to be the most together class. means that we, each classmates always stick together and goes every where together. short to say, we were fine classmates and we would celebrate everyone's birthday *if it is on a college day*. and if it wasn't, we would still give wishes on OUR blog, class blog. *cool right~* noticed the word 'used to be' yea~ and i remembered that we had celebrated, to me celebrate must have cake and more than 5 people la hor, one of our friends birthday with just us and cakes and singings lo~ nothing big, nothing that super special, no hu ha~ just us. and just with that, we had the greatest time of our first life in college and we had captured the memories that last a lifetime pictures. now that we are not close anymore~ those brings tears to me eyes~ what turf~

ok~my example so long what turf! moving on~~ *slaps victoria!*


- feelings. this is very very rare to find that someone who has the same feel that you were feeling on that single day. so if you are reading your friend's blog and you went like 'hey, i was feeling the same way too today. how come so coincident?'
think again.
like i said, it is very very very rare to suddenly hey she feels what i feel today, unless that she is your another twin *identical or fracternal, who cares* and people rumoured that they actually shares the same feelings. don't know true or not la~ but i think that even siblings some times also will experience it right? since we come out from the same womb~ all i know, my brother and i does, sometimes, when the blue moon is up in the sky.
so do not go all around saying only twins got telepathic, telekinetic and all those shit stuffs yea.. too much SUPERNATURAL a?

and so yea~ i got side tracked there. what i was trying to bitch about here is that if you blog according to what you feel on that day, then you would realized that you are in the same league with me, blog so damn farking long that Blogspot will sent and email and ask you to shut up. *i did not get it la~*

guessed that that is the 2 reason/inspiration, like most of you would like to use.. when i do my blog. i do not plan anything, it just comes the moment l lay my butt on the floor, sitting there and clicking to, entering into the 'New Post' area, and when i fingers starts dancing away on my lappie's keyboard.
saying about keyboard, i think i need to change mine already! what turf! because, if i was on the right mind, i think when i bought this lappie, the buttons on the keyboard *what turf, what you call that?* aren't that loose and it was kinda hard to press and now, my fingers are just on it lightly and there comes out my A, B, C and all la~
huhu~ have to empty purse again! what turf!

i have to go study now~ i was thinking should i go out for a stroll outside my house? i have been longing to do so but recently here got robbery case eh~ huhu~ fucktards robbers!
and YOU! bitch slap me la if you find this post a lot of 'blunt knives' *poke your small fucky heart!!*
Monday, January 19, 2009

Quantative is No Longer Quantum!

i have finally killed four units and i have three units more to go. one resit unit all done and killed by me to the max but i just hope that i will not have results that kills me instead! another resit unit paper this coming thursday and yes, it is accounting! ohmygod what turf! and the next day would be my 2nd semester's accounting! triple ohmygod and what turfish~

today was Quantative Studies. and as i had spent most of my time baking cookies yesterday, *wait~ do we say bake cookies? that just do not sound right!* i had very limited time to cover my 5 topic of QS. and so i had burned the midnight oil and as well as the morning oil too because i slept at 3 a.m.. and to be called to wake up at 6 a.m. you think that me having 3 hours sleep wow you all, how about a friend of mine that practically does not sleep when it comes to finals and if she thinks that she can't get the thing clear in her mind 100% *or 101%, i might add* , she would not give up and would sacrifice her sleep eventually. and can still be so fresh the next morning.
i had 3 hour this morning and when i was continuing my last minute revision at Mac D, i can literally feel that my brain is going to burst due to the overload data that i enter~ so much data in such a short time and all are calculations~ FYI, calculations is my worst nightmare, worst enemy~

till the last minutes of the very very last minute study, i was actually feeling nausea and dizzy *i did not eat dinner the night before and i had not had my breakfast* , i was practically almost to talking to myself and trying to calm myself down, or else i would go blank again and history would once again repeat it's story! urrggh~
i was so zombie-fied when it is time for the paper and i was the more scare while walking our way to the venue and damn~!!! some one must come and say something stupid and farkingly irritating! i do not bloody care la that either you had stand there for half an hour or an hour or two hour or the whole farking day, if i do not wish to see you then i would still pretend not seeing you even if i saw you! *only me would understand this ramblings*
as i sat in the room, gosh~ i feel like the whole world is looking at me to do well *at least pass* in my QS paper. literally saying~ actually is me, myself giving to mucha pressure to meself! what turf! trying being in my shoes and you will understand how i feel this afternoon~ huhu~ although i am glad that it has over now but still i would very much choose to revert the time to this morning's revision time, and retook the paper all over again!! BECAUSEeee i know i can do so much better than that! than what i had handed in!

and it is all bloody because they gave us only 2 hours to complete 4 farkingly hard and indirect questions, and and and~ i have to do a lot of long, related, according to the formula workings! and by the time i do it all *eventhough i know it like the back of my hands* i still do not have enough time to do every thing and every question nicely. as in completely! what turf! and i am so used to 2hour 15 minutes for Mathematics during secondary school! eh~ extra 5 minutes also make a very very very big difference eh!
there is this question that i *bloody hell* still can't get it out of my mind now because i was in the midst *last 5minutes* of reading the question, and when i was just about to pen it down *f@###**%KK* they call it an end! what turffff~~~
i cant really say that i did my bestest and i actually don't deserve to pray to God and hope that he touch the examiner's heart, but still i would pretty much very very want to do that and if i would to get a pass, i would scream to the whole world about it, dance around town, screamed it all out when i go karaoke and praising God that he bless me with a passing marks. *i would praise God but i won't do the rest*

on the other hand, someone was caught by me and he fetch me home today.
he fetch = i save money.
he fetch = he got company to talk to after Pandan Indah.
both of us also benefits from this ok~ lolx~ this is what we call mutualism * is mutualism right? my science sucks already*
and he did something *if i tak perasan la* that i am so touch and i did not know that he had such a character.
anyone wants to know~ ask me personally~
my friend is a guy and still is single and so i am selling him now *not that i owned him* and conclusion is, HE IS A FARKINGLY GOOD AND HARD TO FIND GUY!
he is not my type so don't ask the question that you and i know you would want to ask la hor~
thank you so much bitch for doing that for me and to the fact that i am sick! i am actually so touched! like i said...
*if that is what i think he did that for la*

while waiting for my mum that has been called for a meeting by her boss at 5 p.m.! so sengaja lo~

i do not edit pictures of myself so stop asking! this is the real me~ if you cannot accept it then fark off!
*see the chan-ness in my eyes*
and yes~ Mac D again! i would puke if i eat Mac D after my finals! just the sight of it.... you know what i mean~
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