Friday, January 9, 2009

i am here again~

yupx.. i am here again!
to those that wander why is it that Victoria goes online like 24/7 even though her finals are next wednesday!
i did my revision before online and so sacrificed my sleeping time for online purposes, like blogging and checking my mails.
talking about mails, i read a mail sent by a friend just now.
it is about The Tree Of Life.
*the uploading of pictures in Blogspot today is just super slow! urrgggh~*
*5minutes later~uber slow leh! yeoh~*
please grab a cuppa while reading this because this is going to be a long one and hope that you will not be bored of it, loads of pictures of it will definitely awe struck you and make you want to go to Google to find out more and the truth of it!
and yea.. that is the a far away picture of The Tree Of Life.
all of you must have wander why is it named that way huh?
i was actually going to ask you to Google it yourself and don't be a lazybum, but i feel like being a nice person today and decided to tell it all! lolx~
picture paints a thousand words right? so i am going to let the pictures to do all the talking~*snickers*

if only you would look closely~
the branch is kinda in a strange twist that we don't normally see right~
*after uploading only realized the pix are f-king small~don't mind ok? you could always Google*

as you can see~ there are like animals hor~
hish~it is getting late~ cis~
need to put this blog on suspend~
updates tomorrow~sorry readers~
i am so sorry you guys~guess that i am too lazy to blog about The Tree Of Life and that leaves you to no choice to Google about it if you want to know more~


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