Monday, January 19, 2009

Quantative is No Longer Quantum!

i have finally killed four units and i have three units more to go. one resit unit all done and killed by me to the max but i just hope that i will not have results that kills me instead! another resit unit paper this coming thursday and yes, it is accounting! ohmygod what turf! and the next day would be my 2nd semester's accounting! triple ohmygod and what turfish~

today was Quantative Studies. and as i had spent most of my time baking cookies yesterday, *wait~ do we say bake cookies? that just do not sound right!* i had very limited time to cover my 5 topic of QS. and so i had burned the midnight oil and as well as the morning oil too because i slept at 3 a.m.. and to be called to wake up at 6 a.m. you think that me having 3 hours sleep wow you all, how about a friend of mine that practically does not sleep when it comes to finals and if she thinks that she can't get the thing clear in her mind 100% *or 101%, i might add* , she would not give up and would sacrifice her sleep eventually. and can still be so fresh the next morning.
i had 3 hour this morning and when i was continuing my last minute revision at Mac D, i can literally feel that my brain is going to burst due to the overload data that i enter~ so much data in such a short time and all are calculations~ FYI, calculations is my worst nightmare, worst enemy~

till the last minutes of the very very last minute study, i was actually feeling nausea and dizzy *i did not eat dinner the night before and i had not had my breakfast* , i was practically almost to talking to myself and trying to calm myself down, or else i would go blank again and history would once again repeat it's story! urrggh~
i was so zombie-fied when it is time for the paper and i was the more scare while walking our way to the venue and damn~!!! some one must come and say something stupid and farkingly irritating! i do not bloody care la that either you had stand there for half an hour or an hour or two hour or the whole farking day, if i do not wish to see you then i would still pretend not seeing you even if i saw you! *only me would understand this ramblings*
as i sat in the room, gosh~ i feel like the whole world is looking at me to do well *at least pass* in my QS paper. literally saying~ actually is me, myself giving to mucha pressure to meself! what turf! trying being in my shoes and you will understand how i feel this afternoon~ huhu~ although i am glad that it has over now but still i would very much choose to revert the time to this morning's revision time, and retook the paper all over again!! BECAUSEeee i know i can do so much better than that! than what i had handed in!

and it is all bloody because they gave us only 2 hours to complete 4 farkingly hard and indirect questions, and and and~ i have to do a lot of long, related, according to the formula workings! and by the time i do it all *eventhough i know it like the back of my hands* i still do not have enough time to do every thing and every question nicely. as in completely! what turf! and i am so used to 2hour 15 minutes for Mathematics during secondary school! eh~ extra 5 minutes also make a very very very big difference eh!
there is this question that i *bloody hell* still can't get it out of my mind now because i was in the midst *last 5minutes* of reading the question, and when i was just about to pen it down *f@###**%KK* they call it an end! what turffff~~~
i cant really say that i did my bestest and i actually don't deserve to pray to God and hope that he touch the examiner's heart, but still i would pretty much very very want to do that and if i would to get a pass, i would scream to the whole world about it, dance around town, screamed it all out when i go karaoke and praising God that he bless me with a passing marks. *i would praise God but i won't do the rest*

on the other hand, someone was caught by me and he fetch me home today.
he fetch = i save money.
he fetch = he got company to talk to after Pandan Indah.
both of us also benefits from this ok~ lolx~ this is what we call mutualism * is mutualism right? my science sucks already*
and he did something *if i tak perasan la* that i am so touch and i did not know that he had such a character.
anyone wants to know~ ask me personally~
my friend is a guy and still is single and so i am selling him now *not that i owned him* and conclusion is, HE IS A FARKINGLY GOOD AND HARD TO FIND GUY!
he is not my type so don't ask the question that you and i know you would want to ask la hor~
thank you so much bitch for doing that for me and to the fact that i am sick! i am actually so touched! like i said...
*if that is what i think he did that for la*

while waiting for my mum that has been called for a meeting by her boss at 5 p.m.! so sengaja lo~

i do not edit pictures of myself so stop asking! this is the real me~ if you cannot accept it then fark off!
*see the chan-ness in my eyes*
and yes~ Mac D again! i would puke if i eat Mac D after my finals! just the sight of it.... you know what i mean~


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